Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lumberjanes Love Gotham Academy #4

Oh my god! They're still getting along?! Can't somebody's dog eat some chocolate or something?!

The Review!
Well, it was bound to happen! The ending of this book is what I've been waiting for! Not the dog eating chocolate! I didn't really want that to happen. I just wanted some friction to come between some of these characters. If one of them had a dog and it ate some chocolate and got sick because one of the others had left their chocolate out, the dog owner would be understandably upset with the Peter J. Tomasiesque pet attempted murderer! Then whammo blammo! High school drama! Then instead of being stuck reading sappy bullshit about how everybody needs to work together and be cool to each other and accept every ludicrous self-identifying label out of their mouths, I get to read a story where some chick slaps another chick and some bro feels betrayed by his friend who slept with the girl he thought he was dating but she was only using him to get close to the guy she really wanted to sleep with and it wasn't his fault and he didn't realize you'd be so upset about it anyway, Aaron Voorhees! She wanted to fuck me as soon as she saw me take charge and change the tire on that other girl's piece of shit Trans-Am I was driving back from the party for her which she didn't say had almost no rubber on the fucking tires at all!

So, um, yeah! High school drama coming up because Olive was totally giving Kyle Fuck-Me Eyes in front of Louise who thinks he's Simon!

The Ranking!
The message is still that Communist bullshit about working together for a common goal and trying to be the leader of the collective so that you can siphon off as much material goods as possible while leaving the others with negligible amounts of whatever. Teamwork! The only thing working together has ever accomplished is, well, probably a lot of things. But can you name one right now? Probably not! So fuck it! Individuals for the win! Doom Bunny is a huge jerko!

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