Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lumberjanes Love Gotham Academy #2

I even surprised myself by how much I used the term "fingerbang" in the commentary on the first issue. Although, I mean, look at what Maps is so obviously doing to the Lumberjane across from her.

The Review!
I stand by my use of the term "fingerbang" as the main descriptor of this comic book.

Exhibit A: The exhausted, late night, awkward sleep creep fingerbang.

Exhibit B: The mythical quadruple fingerbang mermaid attack.

Exhibit C: The Sit-and-Spin Thumbbang offer.

I was sure there would be more evidence but all of the Lumberjaners and Gotham Academites are busy trying to rescue Professor MacPherson and Rosie. They just don't have time to experiment right now! But I'm sure once the adventure is over and they have time to relax and drink a bunch of soda and stay up late and play Seven Minutes in the Closet, they'll make up for all the lost fingerbanging time. I can't wait to get to that issue!

The Ranking!
I have no idea. I'm not a young person who is into these comic books about friendship and shit. The only reason anybody needs friends is to build up enough trust to get some fingerbanging going.

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