Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Doom Patrol #5

This cover was better when it was a photo of a three dimensional physical thing by Dave McKean.

The Review!
After the first issue of this series, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. It seemed pretentious and trying too hard. On the "Tess being fair side of things," I realize that my love of the Grant Morrison Doom Patrol means that I expect any new version of the Doom Patrol to be at least vaguely similar. But how do you write your own thing while paying homage to a run on this comic that was absurd and horrific while never losing the thread of what it means to be a family? And not only that, why should I expect Gerard Way to believe Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol was the version he should emulate? Obviously he's taking a lot from that run: Danny, Jane, Flex Mentallo. By that evidence alone, I can assume that Way hopes to create his own iconic run that ties back to, and celebrates, Morrison's run. I was skeptical after the first two issues. But by the third issue, I was easily falling in love with this version. The fourth confirmed that the third wasn't a fluke. And now, after the fifth issue, I'm a huge fan.

I know, I know! This issue had time travel resolving a plot issue and I almost always lose my fucking cool over that shit. But this issue also had Casey burning down Danny's comic book store which can only be read metaphorically for Gerard saying, "This is mine now. Comparisons to past series were fine and dandy and unavoidable. But now it's time to put them away and join me on my journey."

This issue also had Larry Trainor living another full life while he releases the Negative Being into the world, something which will happen every time (the lucky bastard). And even in that world, Niles Caulder is manipulating shit!

This issue had Flex Mentallo flip the Hero of the Beach out!

This issue had Cliff Steele swear at a guy kicking his ass, after which he kicks the other guy's ass. You know, just like a good working class hero should do!

This issue had an astronaut feed mashed potato flakes to Casey's cat Lotion which turn it into a humanoid creature so that it can, hopefully, join the Doom Patrol too! Or become Casey's nemesis bent on revenge for all the times she fed it tuna flavored cat food when all it wanted was chicken hearts and livers.

This issue revealed that Ricardo's super power is healing through massage. Oh boy! I hope some day he uses that time travel power to go back and massage the fuck out of Rita to keep her from dying!

This issue had this moment between Casey and Danny:


And best of all (not really! But since it's the last thing I'm listing, I feel like it raises the dramatic revelation to titillating heights!), Casey's new origin story doesn't stem from Daddy or Mommy Issues at all. It begins with the love and acceptance of her mother and father and the knowledge that they are proud of her and will always be watching! Holy fuck! What the hell is wrong with Gerard Way?! He does know he's writing comic books, right?!

Oh dammit! That wasn't the last item in the list nor the best one after all! I can legitimately say that this one is the best one: Crazy Jane is in New Mexico running a cult of personalities! It looks like she's gathered up a bunch of people from all over who will be giving up their individuality to integrate into Jane. I know the comic book doesn't call her Crazy Jane anymore because people who aren't reading this but hear about it from other people won't be able to resist scolding DC and Gerard Way for using the adjective "crazy." But she'll always be Crazy Jane to me, and I'll always love her a little bit in a lot of different definitions of love. The way she saved Cliff, and the way Cliff saved Jane, back in Morrison's run will forever shape the way I view these two characters. I'll never not want to hug them and lie to them that everything will be all right.

The Ranking!

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