Saturday, April 29, 2017

Super sonS #3


The Review!
-1 Ranking! Damian and Jon bicker and argue as they fight robotic versions of themselves created by Kid Amazo. Neither kid is likable in this context. Every time Damian meets a new person, do I have to be exposed to his penchant for being a complete and utter arrogant dick to them? I like Damian but I'm growing tired of the superficial, lazy way of writing his character. He's a blowhard who has to constantly state how much better he is than everybody else when I just wish he'd grow up (just a smidgen!) and prove he's better than everybody while keeping his fucking trap shut. And Jon is just portrayed as Damian's constantly kicked dog. How many issues did it take for Damian to supposedly become best friends with the Teen Titans? Can we just get to that point here as well? I want to see these two kids get along. If Damian really wants to be a better Batman, he can start by treating his Superpeer better than the way Batman treats his.

There was also a robot girl who's not entirely a robot because she's also a little girl (but a robot!). It's not as Japanese sexy as it sounds because did you not read where I said she was a little girl?! Pervert.

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