Tuesday, April 4, 2017

All Star Batman #8

That fraction really should be reduced to 5/3, right?

The Review!
There are stories that are told over and over again. Perhaps it's because the writer is lazy, or because the story holds too much truth to be heard just once, or because people realize that the audience constantly changes so that what is old to some is new to others. Time travel movies where something terrible is happening and the protagonist believes going back in time can stop it from happening only to find that by going back in time, they've caused the problem. Zombie movies where everybody eventually dies at the end because the zombies are an analogy of the inevitability of death. Movies where the protagonist is convinced they've gone insane and that the world they inhabit is all one big lie created by their delusional mind desperate to believe they have some kind of control over the world.

This comic book is that last one. I wish I were one of the new generations of audience who hadn't heard this story multiple times previously so that I could think, "Boy am I glad I spent five dollars on this story!"

Anyway, The Blackhawks are back, so that's cool, right? For some reason, they want to kill Batman. That reason will probably be revealed next issue.

That back-up story that's trying to convince everybody why we should like Duke keeps not convincing me.

The Ranking!
-2! I'm not sure if I can justify paying the exorbitant cover price to keep reading this comic book that keeps disappointing me.

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