Friday, April 7, 2017

Suicide Squad #14

Is that a wooden stake bullet for hunting vampires?

The Review!
I'm not really interested in spending a lot of time on this comic book, mostly because it means looking at John Romita Jr's art. Although the story hasn't been helping either, not being in any way gripping and in only tiny ways interesting. Rustam's Burning World Buddies (formerly known as the Jihad) have decided to go from world capital to world capital burning them to the ground. While they're doing that, Harley Quinn has decided to burn the Burning World Buddies' world to the ground because Hack has been killed and they probably did it. I mean, who else could have done it? I know Captain Boomerang did it! But he probably didn't want to seeing as how he's crying in his Fosters right now.

After all the DC reboots, the Jihad still work out of the same building. Oh, sorry! The Burning World Buddies!

As Harley arrives in Qurac, the Burning World Buddies step out of a portal right behind her. She fights them to show she has heart or ideals or something. Deadshot shoots her in the stomach and the first half of the comic book ends. I bet she's really dead now too! Just like Hack and Amanda! None of them are fake dead due to some crazy plan to expose the spy and capture Rustam at all!

The second half of the comic shows what the other members of the Squad are doing while Harley is begging them all to go on her revenge trip to Qurac. Boomerang, Croc, and Enchantress all agree and head over to help out. They get there right after Harley is shot by Deadshot. But the Burning World Buddies aren't too concerned about them. They're busy being worried about Amanda Waller stepping out of a sand storm.

WHAT?! Amanda Waller is alive?! But she died! She totally died and was dead and everybody totally bought it and everything! This is too big a surprise to believe! Next month I'll probably learn that Harley didn't really get shot by Deadshot because Deadshot has been working with the Squad this whole time! And we'll learn that Hack survived being stabbed by Boomerang using her ability to go digital! And I bet even all the Man-Bats that died in China aren't really fucking dead either! Stupid Suicide Squad. Change your dumb name already!

The Ranking!
-1! Can't somebody in this stupid comic book stay dead? So stupid. The stupidest!

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