Monday, April 24, 2017

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #18

The Green Lantern Corps are cursed to play imaginary keyboards!

Before reading this issue, I have a question about the ending to the last issue. Kyle's white ring separated into seven different rings which all took off to find a new host. One of those rings was an Orange Ring. But there's only one real orange ring, isn't there? Does this mean DC's going to be publishing a Larfleeze civil war type comic book where he goes to battle with whoever winds up with the new orange ring? Or will the orange ring simply rush off to Larfleeze because he's just that greedy? I hope it goes to Scrooge McDuck.

The Review!
This issue begins by reminding me of the main reason I can't stand the concept of the Green Lantern Corps. Gorin-Sunn and Space Ape respond to Gorin's ring's notification that a "universal criminal code statute" is possibly being violated. So they rush off to the scene of the crime to do their police work. I despise the idea that the Green Lantern Corps are simply universal cops on patrol busting people for breaking some mysterious set of laws put in place by who the fuck knows what. I suppose the Guardians? Anyway, I'd rather they simply patrol the universe searching for people or planets in distress that need help. They should be more like EMTs and fire fighters than beat cops. This whole police shtick is way too authoritarian for my liking.

Space Ape and Gorin-Sunn encounter a planet full of willpower and angry, sharp crystalline creatures. The scene shifts after the creatures attack so I'm going to assume Gorin-Sunn and Space Ape are dead now.

Rings don't kill people. Alien freaks wearing rings kill people.

I feel like the Blue Lanterns might take umbrage with calling their rings "guns." I would say the same of the Violet Lanterns but I've heard the Bon Jovi song.

Speaking of the guy with the penis on his head, Saint Walker is sent off to recruit more members to the Blue Lanterns. It's probably poor timing to find any members on Earth.

After a big brawl between the Green and Yellow Lanterns which ends when Guy and Arkillo stumble onto the scene to proclaim that they're Green and Yellow Jesus and they beat each other up so the rest don't have to, Rip Hunter cracks time and stumbles into Salaak's base of operations. He's wearing a Green Lantern ring and he's got a message to get the plot moving: The Green Lanterns have been erased from the future! Wait. Is that against the law? If it's not against the law, the Green Lanterns probably shouldn't investigate it.

The Ranking!
No change! Here is the plot progression of this comic book: Prologue to the plot! Stuff that doesn't matter to the plot but needs to be expressed so that Fangenders don't keep going on and on and on in forums about how the Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns are getting along way too eagerly. Lanterns ready to investigate the prologue to the plot to get the plot moving in the way stories usually work. Rip Hunter shits all over everything and yells, "Shortcut to plot! Danger! From the future!" The end.

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