Monday, May 20, 2013

Supergirl #20

Power Girl was so upset her boobs weren't the focal point of last issue's cover, she killed Supergirl to claim focal boobage. Perhaps it was meant to distract people from noticing Michael Alan Nelson's name was spelled wrong.

This is the third issue in a row to have a different writer. That can't bode well for the comic, can it? Perhaps the editors are simply telling the writers what they need to write which is why the writers aren't hanging around because who needs a stupid editor telling you what to write when they're job title is "editor" and not "writer"? Editors are jerks! They're just Fuddyduddies that rain on parades and refer to 'artistic expression' as 'grammar errors.'

Last issue, the Fortress of Sanctuary decided that either Kara or Karen was a clone and thus it had to destroy them both. Better safe than allowing a disgusting, nasty clone to live so it can steal a normal Kryptonian's job. According to the cover, boobs. I mean, Kara is going to be killed! So then will Power Girl take over as the new Supergirl? That's probably exactly what's going to happen.

My initial reaction to the first page was "Love Mahmud's art!" Then I thought, "Sanctuary is an annoying bitch." But by the end of the page, I was totally, "I think I like Sanctuary!"

While Kara and Kara engage in some truly adorable conversation regarding age, uniforms, and manners, Sanctuary decides to scan them to determine which one of them is a clone.

Oh my god! Mahmud Asrar is going to kill me with Kara's adorableness!

While Sanctuary tries to convince Kara to throw herself into the matter reduction room, Supergirl tries to puzzle out why she might be giving off clone vibes. She probably caught something from kissing that nuisance H'el. He had clone smell all over him since he made no sense as a Kryptonian. Although even if he were a clone, that doesn't explain his super set of powers either.

Supergirl argues with Power Girl because she's not sure she can trust her anymore. Something happened to give her Clone Face and if it wasn't Power Girl, who could it have been? Oh, I don't know. Maybe H'el. Maybe Stupid Lava Girl. Maybe Superman. Maybe Lex Luthor. Maybe Simon the Butler Statue. There are a lot of possibilities! The arguing takes long enough that Sanctuary finally decides to stop politely asking Kara to die and sends in the death robots. It also kicks Power Girl out of the front door and into the bottom of the ocean.

Even Sanctuary was taken in by his cleanly shaved upper pubic area.

Something is obviously wrong with Sanctuary. Perhaps it picked up a virus from Simon the Butler Statue. Or maybe it has Space Deep Sea Madness. Didn't somebody in that novel The Sphere get deep sea madness? That means it's a real thing, right? Perhaps it's simply that The Fortress of Sanctuary is controlled by a Brainiac AI and everybody knows that Brainiac AIs are complete assholes. That's why the name is a combination of BRAIN and MANIAC.

Supergirl has Power Girl freeze the Fortress of Sanctuary with her Super Cold Breath and then Supergirl does a silent FWAAASH of incredibly hot power to shatter the building. I can't believe Supergirl would destroy her Fortress of Sanctuary just to stay alive. And what's going to happen to Simon the Butler Statue?! I bet he gets free because of this.

After the destruction, Supergirl and Power Girl wind up in space to watch the sun rise. Or set. And then The Fortress of Sanctuary's Brainiac AI reforms on the ocean floor to politely hunt down Supergirl once more. I think Michael Alan Nelson didn't pay close enough attention to this series to realize he just destroyed Simon the Evil Butler Statue.

Supergirl #20 Rating: +1 Ranking. I enjoyed this comic book mostly for Power Girl and Supergirl's conversation with each other. The Fortress of Sanctuary's demented Brainiac AI going Full HAL was reasonably entertaining as well. My guess is that it didn't much matter whether Kara had Clone Taint on her or not. The Brainiac AI just went nuts and decided it preferred the older, more physically endowed Supergirl. But now that the Fortress of Sanctuary has been destroyed, I guess Kara will be crashing with Kal-el. I'd suggest she crash with Karen Starr but I think her island has been destroyed by Desaad so Karen's going to need a place to crash too! I think Huntress probably has a studio apartment in Gotham they can share.

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