Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shadow Thief! (as seen in Hawkman)

Real Name: Carl Sands [Why does that make me think of fog and cat feet?]
Occupation: Professional Criminal, Mercenary
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Injustice Gang of the World
Base of Operations: The Hyathis Corporation
First Appearance: THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #36
Height: 6'6" Weight: 175 lbs.
Eyes: Black Hair: Black

A common burglar, Carl Sands was apprehended when a policeman saw the "well-hidden" criminal's shadow. During his long stay in prison, Sands felt mocked by his shadow, for it could leave his cell, but he couldn't [Such a huge problem with our justice system. Placing the mentally ill in prison instead of in an asylum where they can get some help from such great doctors as Jeremiah Arkham or Harleen Quinzel or Night Nurse.]. After he had served his time, Sands vowed to use his shadow the way he had imagined he could while a prisoner. he studied shadow facts and legends and even performed "experiments" based on this "research." [At this point, even the writer of the entry is mocking him.]

Sands accidentally managed to open up a portal to the dimensional world of Xarapon and then saved the life of Thar Dan, a scientist there [Did he open up the portal doing black magic shadow puppetry?]. Sands was rewarded with the Dimensiometer, a device that enabled him to shift his body to Xarapon and appear on Earth only as an intangible shadow. Nothing could touch Sands, yet he could steal at will with the aid of special ebony gloves [Or he could, you know, use the Dimensiometer to reappear, take the item, then take it back to Xarapon. Right? No? Not possible due to some comic book logic?]. The only drawback to this wondrous device was that every time Sands used it, it affected the magnetic lines of Earth. Too-frequent usage could cause another Ice Age [There it is! The comic book logic!], a dire possibility that never troubled Sands overmuch as he began his new career as the Shadow-Thief [Once again, thanks for the consistency, editors. Cover doesn't have a dash in Shadow Thief but the entry does.].

After suffering several defeats at the hands of Hawkman (see Hawkman II) and Hawkwoman (see Hawkwoman), the Shadow-Thief was recruited by Hyathis (see Hyathis), then-empress of the Hawks' home planet of Thanagar (see Thanagar), to serve her cause of galactic conquest. He took to the role of mercenary eagerly and has remained in the employ of the Thanagarians ever since.

During a battle with Hawkwoman, the Shadow-Thief was trapped in the dimension of Xarapon for several months. When he returned, he had somehow modified his powers so that they were no longer dependent on the Dimensiometer or his traveling to Xarapon.

Carl Sands can turn himself into a living shadow at will. In this form he can control his density, partially or totally, becoming intangible enough to pass through any substance known to man, even solid concrete [I thought they were going to say "even lead."].

One would experience a sensation of intense cold on passing through Sands' shadow-substance [Gross.]. The sensation is caused by the substance's ability to absorb all heat and light in its immediate vicinity. Sands can control this condition to some extent and even use it as a weapon.

On one occasion Sands seemingly brought the shadows of other people to life. Whether he actually possesses this ability or was merely making use of a magic trick learned during his pre-Xarapon "research" remains to be seen.

In hand-to-hand combat Sands is a poor fighter. However, he does have access to the advanced weaponry of the Thanagarian invasion force.

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