Monday, September 16, 2013

Killer Frost! (as seen in Firestorm)

Alter Ego: I: Dr. Crystal Frost II: Dr. Louise Lincoln
Occupation: I,II: Former Scientist, now Professional Criminal
Marital Status: I,II: Single
Known Relatives: I,II: None
Group Affiliation: I: Secret Society of Super-Villains II: None
Base of Operations: I,II: Mobile
First Appearance: I: FIRESTORM #3 II: (as Louise) FURY OF FIRESTORM #20 (as Killer Frost) FURY OF FIRESTORM #34
Height: I: 5'4" II: 5'3"
Weight: I: 123 lbs. II: 105 lbs.
Eyes: I,II: Blue
Hair: I,II: Blond, later blue

Dr. Crystal Frost was an extremely withdrawn young woman who sought to be accepted as an equal by her fellow scientists, but felt herself instead to be the victim of prejudice against women. While studying at Hudson University she fell in love with one of her teachers, Dr. Martin Stein [Is this what happened to all women when they went to college in the fifties and sixties? Even though they could have had great careers in science and medicine, they're still looking for a man? So they have a relationship with their professor, have their hearts broken, then use their scientific genius to become a super-villain (see Poison Ivy)? What a great time to be a male college professor!]. Years later, Stein visited a scientific project she was working on in the Arctic. She was shocked to learn that Stein was not and never had been in love with her.

Dr. Frost accidentally locked herself in a thermofrost chamber, and as a result was transformed into a superhuman being. Calling herself Killer Frost, she sought vengeance on her allegedly prejudiced male colleagues [Sure. "Allegedly." Wouldn't want to assume the worst of members of a nerdy male science club that already have huge chips on their shoulders because they're too awkward to casually speak with women and thus blame women themselves for never showing any interest in them.] and on Stein [Because fuck him for not wanting the same things she wanted.] by absorbing all the heat from their bodies. However, Stein joined with student Ronnie Raymond [No wonder Stein wasn't interested in her.] to become Firestorm (see Firestorm), who defeated Killer Frost.

Killer Frost spent months imprisoned within a deep freeze unit. After escaping, she went to Dr. Louise Lincoln, whom she had known in college. Lincoln told her that her months-long imprisonment in the unit was rapidly killing her. Knowing she was dying, Killer Frost went on a rampage. Finally, Firestorm allowed her to absorb much of his own energy, which was so intense that it consumed her [They leave out the intent here! Did Firestorm do it to try to save her? Or did he want her to die?!].

Believing that her former friend deserved to live more than she [What?! Why?], Louise Lincoln performed an experiment that turned her into the new Killer Frost. Lincoln insanely believes that by doing so, she has allowed Crystal Frost to live again, and Lincoln has allowed her role as Killer Frost to overwhelm her own identity. This second Killer Frost has teamed up with the terrorist Plastique (see Plastique) to battle Firestorm, but he defeated them both.

Killer Frost needs to absorb heat in order to survive. Hence, Killer Frost can kill people by kissing them [Once again, see Poison Ivy. Was this the only way women could defeat men in the Silver Age? But they were unable to harm other women thanks to the Comics Code Authority!] and simultaneously draining the warmth from their bodies [Can she also kill by putting her cold feet up against the partner she's under the covers with?]. If she succeeds in draining all of a person's warmth, he will die. However, she is highly vulnerable to cold, which causes her own energy to drain from her body, eventually rendering her immobile.

Killer Frost can project waves of coldness from her body that can freeze virtually anything. She can thus create sheets of ice, or shoot spearlike icicles at opponents. She often gestures when using her powers, but can project waves of coldness from her eyes, or even freeze things by touching or walking on them. Killer Frost can even appear to levitate herself by causing swirling cold air to support her weight.

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