Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teen Titans #6

How many issues until Skitters dies?

Last issue, the Teen Titans got beat up by Superboy. This issue begins with the police trying to arrest them while Kid Flash is dying from being psionically accelerated.

The detective leading up the police force trying to arrest the Teen Titans is the detective from Superboy that has Gen-13 in her apartment. The Titans try to talk their way out of being arrested but it isn't working. Until Skitters suddenly appears to wrap up all the police in webbing in a matter of seconds.

Skitters seems to have a crush on Bunker (good luck with that one, insect girl!) so she doesn't end up attacking the Teen Titans. Now that Lobdell wrote a means for Skitters to be controlled, he just has to figure out how to make her useful by transforming when needed instead of 24 hours after they need her.

After the police are safely put down, Kid Flash begins shooting lightning out of his pores. Red Robin thinks he knows someone who can help. They head over to STAR labs where Virgil Hawkins (you know, Static) is hanging out just ready to help them out with Kid Flash's molecular instability. It should all be cleared up in a few pages. Except for the meta-human being kept a couple of floors above them.

You know what I was thinking this comic book needed? More physical violence and less critical dialogue as the team continues to get to know each other.

Scott Lobdell sucks.

The Detective watching over Gen-13 seems to be some police person from the future because she recognized Bart Allen as some super villain from her future world. I wonder if she knows Booster Gold as well.

Lobdell crams in some essential talk before Skitters is possessed by Grymm (ugh! A 'Y' and two 'M's!) and skeedaddles off to cause trouble.

I think that scene was the first time Bunker tells someone on the team he's gay. I might have missed it earlier since my gaydar was pinging since Bunker was first introduced.

Wonder Girl and Bunker chase Skitters to where Grymm is located. Grymm shoots some sort of paralytic into Wonder Girl and Bunker, taking control of their bodies but not their minds. But Bunker's power is the creation of psychic bricks so Bunker blasts him with a brickapult and knocks him unconscious. Once Grymm is unconscious, I guess the paralytic wears off. They throw him in a garbage disposal chute or something (who cares!) and head back to see if Kid Flash is still alive.

Kid Flash is still alive. The only way to save him is to give him a new costume.

Yep. The costume, designed by Static, helps Kid Flash control his Quantum Vibratory Dislocutionmentality.

And after this, they're off to Antarctica to beat up Superboy because they can't just let that one go. The Teen Titans are apparently an urban gang.

Teen Titans Issue #6 Rating: -1 Ranking. I wouldn't mind giving this comic book a -2 ranking but I'm not sure that would be fair. My mind was dulled and bored from the Superboy comic before reading this piece of crap, so I really wanted to punish this one! Scott Lobdell is just awful. Seriously. Kid Flash is saved by changing costumes? Some jerk named Grymm is being kept in STAR Labs even though he can seemingly possess people to help him get out? And now the Titans want to hunt down Superboy when they just got their asses handed to them by him? Without really needing to hunt him down! They just want revenge! Fuck I hope they all get Culled.

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