Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mister Terrific #7

I don't know who your enemy is, Mister Terrific, but I bet he's a white man. He's so white you can see right through him! Or maybe his enemy is that Circle Revolution that his jerky co-worker keeps talking about. That makes more sense.

Mister Terrific begins this issue standing in line talking smack about the regular joes of Los Angeles with his EMT buddy. Or maybe it's just some EMT guy standing in line with Mister Terrific. And everyone ignores Mister Terrific because it's L.A. and he might just be another guy in a costume on break from standing around the Chinese Theater bothering tourists. While he's waiting, that stupid kid from The Flash is walking across the street listening to his iPod again!

Except the kid in The Flash was white. And fat.

Here's a spoiler: Mister Terrific saves him.

After saving the kid, Mister Terrific stops the speeding car by "using the vehicle's kinetic energy in equal proportion to its inertial mass." This creates a gravity well which stops the car and smashes it up quite a bit. The driver seems unharmed. Why can't Mister Terrific just stop the car by blasting it with a blast ray blast from his T-balls? Why's he gotta make me feel stupid while he saves the day?

I'm now most of the way through what is turning out to be a really, really average comic. A freighter appeared out of nowhere and crashed on the docks of San Pedro. Invisible things were keeping everyone from boarding and it was emitting low levels of radiation. The authorities were called in but they were all repelled from the ship. So Mister Terrific comes in to save the day. He enters the ship and finds a large Cobalt 60 bomb on board, probably big enough to destroy San Pedro and rain fallout down on LA. When he moves to disarm it, he's finally repelled by the invisible whatevers.

Mister Terrific only believes in science! So he turns up the optic lens on his mask so that he can see all the way into the Gamma Spectrum and he suddenly sees a whole platoon of Russian Army Men armed with rifles. They realize he can see them and speed up the countdown on the bomb. They don't set the bomb off, of course. That would be too easy! So now Mister Terrific has to fight dozens of armed men and disarm a bomb in five minutes!

Luckily for Mister Terrific, the military guys can't hit a thing with their rifles. Maybe their visual perception is distorted from within their Gamma Deflection Suits. Or whatever is making them visible only in the highest spectrum of light. Mister Terrific needs help fighting them though so he can concentrate on the bomb. So time for some techno-babble! And this one ties in with Stormwatch's blatherings!

Oh yeah! The Compton whatchamacallit!

Once all of the invisible guys are revealed by the Reverse Compton Scattering Pulse Wave Boodiddly, the police take over the fight with the military. This gives Mister Terrific time to disarm the nuclear bomb! What a hero!

Meanwhile, the Circle Revolution hacked into Holt Industries but nothing came of it except for the hacker (Donald, the main guy trying to oust Michael Holt) becoming infected by Holt Industries Anti-Hacker Security Measures. Apparently these measures turn the Hacker into some kind of digital arch-nemesis! That seems like a bad idea!

And now he has Power Girl pulling corporate espionage on him as well! Maybe this Quantum Tunneling crap will get Mister Terrific over to Earth-2 when that comic begins next month!

And finally, Donald, the big jerk at Holt Industries trying to take over, turns over a new leaf!

I didn't say it was a good leaf!

Mister Terrific Issue #7 Rating: No change in the Ranking. These last two issues of Mister Terrific have been average, boring comic book plots. The execution and writing is fine but it's not entertaining like the first five issues were. Has my long time away from Mister Terrific soured me for the way he's tales are told? No, I think Eric Wallace is just suffering from having to change up his whole story timeline and plot structure because of the cancellation. So these stories probably weren't anywhere he was going to go before the cancellation. Oh well. I hope he goes out with a bang in Issue #8! I'm sure we'll still see Mister Terrific in Earth 2 next month. I hope Eric Wallace gets another title to write as well. I've, mostly, enjoyed his run on this comic.

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