Sunday, April 29, 2012

Demon Knights #6

This sounds so derogatory. As if Amazons were merely dogs that had to be controlled.

Vandal Savage has abandoned the Demon Knights to join the evil side because they have a bigger army and better weapons and a greater chance of success. But I wonder: has Vandal ever been on the winning side of a battle? Doesn't he realize the good guys always win? And while most of the Demon Knights aren't exactly good by any definition of the word ever, the villagers, at the very least, are innocent people just trying to defend their home. Perhaps if Vandal had Ambush Bug's power and realized he were in a work of fiction, he'd understand that he was joining up with the side that was about to get its ass kicked pretty egregiously. So egregiously that both definitions of the word can be applied! Sort of.

If Exoristos blocks a creature with Trample, destroy it. It cannot be regenerated.

The Wallcrusher which was going to be the big evil army game-changer and bring down the villages defenses is killed immediately by Exoristos as she vaults over the wall to confront it. After it's felled, she challenges Vandal Savage to a one on one fight. I'm almost certain that Vandal is going to pass on that offer.

Yes, she is wounded. This is why you don't shoot arrows into your teammates when you have a slight disagreement. P.S. though bubble!

Exoristos took down The Queen's biggest weapon single handedly and with a gut wound from The Horsewoman. Just think how powerful she'd be if her companion hadn't wounded her before the battle? With great power comes great touchiness and a penchant for lashing out at people and abusing that power for the slightest offense.

The horrible thing that Madame Xanadu has to do probably involves manipulating them while she watches through her crystal ball. Or perhaps murder.

The Shining Knight might be the only Demon Knight that isn't an asshole.

She's still an asshole. Just read Justice League Dark for proof!

The lead infantry in the Queen's army seem to be a bunch of velociraptor dragon things. Al-jabr's arrow contraptions and Exoristos take down quite a few of them but there are too many. Eventually Exoristos is struck down and Etrigan flies out to save her. But he doesn't do it out of the goodness of his heart, of course! He's a demon! He does it because he believes Xanadu stands a better chance of surviving it Exoristos survives to defend behind the wall.

Meanwhile, The Horsewoman has telepathically called all of the wild horses in the area to join her on a charge past the mechanical dragons in the mountains so that she can reach the Alba Sarum to bring Alba Sarum's army to help break the Queen's siege. While attempting the mission, her horse Breaker is killed and falls out from beneath her.

The Horsewoman is paralyzed from the waist down and uses her magic ropes and saddle to remain on horseback. And she speaks with horses like Aquaman speaks with fish! Or maybe dolphins.

The Horsewoman makes it through the mechanical dragons. The armies of Alba Sarum will heed the call for help. But all they may find is a burned out village because just as the news that The Horsewoman broke the line (given to the Shining Knight by her Pegasus), the village gate crashes to the ground and the Queen's forces invade.

Xanadu has also put a plan in action that involves Jason Blood and Etrigan and the way that they replace each other when their incantation is invoked. Xanadu realizes that they appear with the clothes they were wearing, so they must be able to take things with them between Earth and Hell. She tells Blood the plan through Etrigan since they maintain communication at all times. I imagine the plan involves taking The Queen or Vandal or Mordru into Hell as a hostage but we'll have to wait an issue or two to find out.

Demon Knights Issue #6 Rating: No change. I'm enjoying the comic. But comics don't need to go up in the rankings every time I enjoy reading one! It's just right for the high ranking it already has.

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