Sunday, April 29, 2012

Demon Knights #7

At this point, Etrigan will grab her foot, say the incantation, and take HER prisoner in Hell!

While the village is being overrun by The Queen's army, Jason Blood plots some plan in Hell that involves Father Theod, the priest from the village that Etrigan sent to hell out of pure wickedness.

Can Blood bring demons, devils, or lost souls back with him to Earth?

Outside the village, Savage leads his forces...away from the village!

The self-serving nature of these companions might be their greatest strength.

With Vandal attacking The Queen's supply train, the parts of the horde turn to attack Vandal to protect their wages contained on the wagons. The wagons begin to burn destroying the armies' supply of food. In essence, the whole siege is going tits up once Vandal and the men who served under him in the past decide to fill their own pockets with the Queen's riches.

Madame Xanadu's plot is revealed. She needed Jason Blood to gather the tears of an innocent from Hell. The power in this contradiction is enough for her to regain her powers and her young form and her supple boobies and her smooth legs and her tight and warm embrace.

Mmmm, previously old lady flesh.

Vandal's men are cut down by the horde's archers but he's still, inadvertently, caused many of the Queen's troops to turn from the battle to protect the supply wagons. Because of this hitch, The Queen and Mordru show themselves on the battlefield to rally the men. The Queen goes after The Shining Knight whom she feels she must bind and sacrifice personally in her quest to rule Camelot. Mordru goes after Xanadu since they're the big magic-users and there always has to be a big confrontation between the magic-users, right?

Salt beats Serpent?!

Vandal changes sides again. I guess he isn't really changing sides as being on the side of Vandal Savage surviving at any cost.

Since Vandal's plan failed, he returns to his companions since the failure of his plan at least gave the companions some advantage. So he can spin it to them even though they know better. But the Queen is unlikely to ever trust the rat bastard again.

Each companion soon finds himself overwhelmed. The Shining Knight is cut down with a dagger to his breast. Mordru plays Mindrip on Xanadu. Etrigan is stabbed while distracted by his concern for Xanadu. Al Jabr is overwhelmed by multiple foes. Savage is knocked unconscious by a large hammer. And the leader of the village cries.

The Shining Knight has not been killed (come on! None of them have been!) but is paralyzed by some poison in The Queen's blade. The only warrior left standing is Exoristos the Amazon. But she continues to defend the village and its innocents. She cannot help her companions. But then, she doesn't need to because The Horsewoman's cavalry arrives to save the burnt ruins and corpses of Spring Village!

Get brunch?

Yeah, she actually finishes with retreat. Did I need to say that? I didn't need to say that, did I? Anyway, like I said earlier, here's what the great companions saved:

That's the leader of the Alba Sarum army speaking. I guess it all depends on your point of view.

Demon Knights Issue #7 Rating: No change. Still a very good comic! A very good comic that deserves to be exactly where it is in the Rankings. Right around #9.

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