Saturday, April 7, 2012

Animal Man #8

Figuratively the Most Boringest Cover Ever.

When we last left Animal Man and his family, they were hiding out in their recreational vehicle surrounded by a bunch of Rotten Animals. Judging by the cover, it looks like there may be some conflict with those animals!

Maxine decides she can talk with the animals and get them to back off so she jumps out of the RV and tries to commune with them.

That doesn't work out so well.

The Rotten Animals fall upon Maxine and begin tearing her apart! Buddy dives into the fray to save his daughter. Buddy Baker tears the creatures apart but not in time to save Maxine. He cradles her dead body when a new Maxine crawls out of the forest.

I'm pretty sure Buddy has done this once or twice as well.

And it looks like he may have to do it a third time by the end of the comic. Buddy sends his family away to find someplace safe and maybe try to find the Swamp Thing while Buddy heads back into town to kill the rest of the Rotten Animals. But it doesn't exactly work out for the best. He's taken down by a bunch of crows and knocked to the ground where the other animals tear and gnaw at him. And then they walk away because he's dead.

Or not.

Animal Man has now been taken over by the Rot. Unless he's escaped into the Red and just given The Rot his body the way Maxine escaped into the Red and grew a new one herself. I'm betting on that to happen.

Another Animal Man issue that was a really quick read. Nothing horrible about the story but nothing great either. Animal Man can remain at its current rank.

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