Sunday, April 1, 2012

Demon Knights #5

Surprise! Etrigan is evil!

First let me say, duh. The Questing Queen is probably Morgan le Fay. Right? Probably. Okay, now back to the action to find out why The Horsewoman put an arrow through Exoristos.

It appears that Horsewoman put an arrow in Exoristos gut to teach her a lesson. Remind me never to take an Adult Education Course from her! She claims she pierced no vitals and Exoristos is tough so, you know, walk it the fuck off, you cry baby. And then when Jason Blood tries to help her, al Jabr gives him a left hook! This team is nuts. I guess that's because they're hardly a team. And I guess they aren't fighting any more than Justice League International would fight.

This is what happens to Blood when he transforms into Etrigan.

Mordru and the Queen use their scrying glass to enter the village as incorporeal beings. Their plan is to offer each of the seven companions a deal to turn on the others. In that way, they can let the companions turn on themselves and Mordru and the Queen can more easily get past the village.

Mordru. You should have let your Queen, a woman, deal with the Amazon!

The Queen notices the Shining Knight and flips out. She recognizes the Shining Knight as Merlin's tool to retrieve the Grail. The Queen feels as if she must personally defeat the Knight to prove that she, the Queen, is worthy of the Grail and ruling New Camelot.

The Queen takes the form of Merlin to try to convince Jason Blood not to turn into Etrigan. Too bad she didn't realize how badly Merlin pissed Jason off by putting Etrigan inside him! Jason instantly transforms into Etrigan and attacks the Queen's incorporeal form.

Etrigan recognizes that it isn't Merlin and the Queen resumes her normal look. She then offers to let Etrigan go and that pisses him off as well!

This Queen needs a refresher on negotiating.

The only one of the companions who seems tempted is Vandal Savage. He slips out of the village, killing a young boy who catches him and tries to raise the alarm. In the morning, the companions gather to defend the village and notice Savage is missing.

Savage has met outside the walls with the Queen. He takes his liberty with her and then orders the troops to release the Wallbreaker! That's an 8 Mana Green Creature with Trample that destroys creatures with Defend that try to block it! It's also when this issue ends!

My guess would be that Savage wasn't actually switching sides but he did kill a small boy in order to do so. So, he's probably a big jerk. Just like Etrigan is a big jerk. And the Horsewoman is a big jerk. And Exoristos is a big jerk. Sheesh. This version of Stormwatch is just like all of the others! Filled with a bunch of arrogant, self-serving assholes!

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