Friday, April 13, 2012

Men of War #8

Final Issue!

This war story takes place in London, England, in December of 1941. That places it during one of those big wars. You know, one of the ones that involved a lot of countries? This War Story is based on a true story. It's about an top secret Allied campaign called "Project Green Man".

Did they smoke out the Germans with some tasty buds? Or did they sick a representative of The Green on them? I think a representative of The Green was actually created during this time. Oh no, that takes place in December of 1942! And in the old DCU! I forget the date of the creation of the Green's Representative in the New DCU. Anyway, it isn't either of those and seeing as how I already posted a picture of the cover, it's not really much of a secret anyway. Frankenstein is set loose on the Germans! So how do they do it? Give him a big gun and shove him down to the front lines? Nope!

To Frankenstein, "Riding the Lightning" means coming to life instead of being put to death.

After Frankenstein takes out a German squadron, he's congratulated by Churchill and then shipped off to Japan for another mission. This time, he needs a little help so they send him off with his four armed bride. Unless she's his bride to be. I don't know when they were married!

Is a dancing corpse really all that sexy?

Frankenstein's Bride reaches the extraction point a scant minute too late. The Mechanical Monster has been released and it is headed toward the States. The man who worked on it calls it J.A.K.E. Japanese Armored Killing Entity? Japanese Android Knight Errant?

J.A.K.E. heads straight for the sub Frank is on so they launch Frank out of a torpedo tube to fight it. As they fight under water, Dr. Crane, watching it remotely, engages a special feature he built into it: The Traitor Button! The Japanese Attack Killer Elite changes sides and becomes the Joint Allied Killer Elite! Now the allies have a robot monster too!

The Robot joins sides and gives them all the intel it has on the Japanese. They have a secret project called "Motalla" (All Atom backwards?) which is set to be launched on New York. And launched it is in Chapter Four called "Monster in my Pocket!" So is the secret weapon Pikachu?

Nope! It's this Pokemon which I've never caught before!

Frank uses JAKE as a lure and baits the creature into following his plane out to sea where it will sink in the ocean and drown. But it swallows JAKE so Frank has to jump into its mouth and then explode out of its stomach.

Is that the only beast killing move you have in your bag, Lemire? Oh, that and the stabbing the creature in the eye. Let's hope you think up some new moves for future Frank issues.

And they live happily ever after.

I really don't know what the point of this story was. G.I. Robot's origin? Not fascinating enough. To show a growing camaraderie between Frank and JAKE due to their emotionally unavailable personalities and rigid physiques? I don't know. It just seemed like a lame way to end Men of War. It was really just a big ad saying, "Hey! This comic is ending but you can read the other one we have about this character, Frankenstein, every month!"

Men of War Issue #8 Rating: -1 Ranking. It was really just a boring, waste of time.

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