Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Lantern #7

The secret probably won't make any sense to me anyway.

The Indigo Tribe have a meeting about Sinestro. I did a little reading on the Indigo Tribe and it sounds like their Corps is composed of people who had done evil things in the past. This might be why the vision showed Sinestro as a member of the Indigo Tribe and why the indigo tribe is currently having this meeting.

I think 'nek' means Green, 'rot' means Yellow, 'lek' means Ring, and 'rok' means Lantern. I'll need a bit more than this to seriously come up with a translation of this gibberish though. Sorry, 'language'.

Sinestro tells Jordan that Jordan must come with him now. And even though Jordan finally has the very thing he wants most in all of the universe (the recharged Power Ring! What? Did you think I meant Carol Ferris? Bwa ha ha!), he refuses to go with Sinestro. Hal Jordan is bluffing. He knows Sinestro will force his hand somehow. But Hal's also just trying to negotiate. He wants the ring but he doesn't want to have to answer to Sinestro or the Guardians or anybody else.

I think he meant that literally. You know, working for Ferris Aircraft. Not, you know, working for her as her sex slave man servant. Although that might be what she meant.

In order to get Hal Jordan to follow him, Sinestro takes Carol Ferris hostage. I can practically see Hal and Sinestro winking at each other as this whole ruse goes down. It's like some married guy's single buddies have come around to go out drinking and they have to figure out some trick to get the husband away for the night. It's all very sexist in some way. Possibly the way Carol is naked and wearing a sheet.

Hal and Sinestro have a minor tussle (really minor since Hal's ring can't hurt Sinestro) and Sinestro reveals to Hal the second reason he's come to Earth seeking Hal's help.

Great! I hate plots that are driven by glimpses of the future. Laziest way to get a story started ever.

Before they can continue this discussion, the Indigo Tribe appear seeking Sinestro. Indigo-1, the leader of the Indigo Tribe who has a penchant for yelling, "Nok!", tells Hal to mind his own business and that Sinestro has just been drafted into the Indigo Tribe. They begin the process of teleporting away and just before they do, Hal flies into their teleport bubble with them. Carol, watching this all unfold from the balcony, runs back inside and slips on her Star Sapphire Ring.

Another Power Ring that spares the fabric when creating a suit for a female wearer.

Meanwhile on Oa, the Guardians decide to interrogate Lyssa Drak who was apparently left there by Sinestro. The Guardians need the Book of the Black to find the first Lantern. Do they mean the first Lantern battery? Or the first creature to wear the Green Ring? And since they know the first lantern is in the Chamber of Shadows, do they actually need the Book of the Black to find the Chamber of Shadows? Or maybe they don't even know who the first Lantern is but they know he/she is in the Chamber of Shadows and they need the Book of the Black to identify the first Lantern! One of those. It also turns out their is a Book of Rage and a Book of Parallax. I'm sure there must be a bunch of other books as well. Geoff Johns loves his artifacts.

Hal Jordan wakes up in a cell with a dead ring. Again. Black Hand approaches him and tells him that Sinestro will be saved as he was. Abin Sur is also mentioned again. I have no idea who Black Hand is or why he's important. He was part of the Blackest Night and he was a bad guy and he was some link or something to Necro the Black Lantern Leader (?) but then he was taken by the Indigo Tribe and made into one of their own. But maybe it's different in the reboot! Right? The New 52 and all that?! Right!

Anyway, that's the end. No secret of the Indigo Tribe was ever revealed. It probably has something to do with Abin Sur since they keep mentioning him.

Green Lantern Issue #7 Rating: No change. I doubt the comic will change much in its reliance on past Green Lantern history since Geoff Johns has been writing it for nearly a decade (I think). So he's going to continue to include lots and lots of things from past story lines of the old DCU because he's a writer and that's what writers do! They build on their material and then they feel like geniuses when they can incorporate some obscure thing that was barely mentioned 55 issues ago into some critically important part of a new cosmic threat that will end all existence. Yay.

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