Monday, April 30, 2012

Green Lantern #8

Don't run from the Indigo Lanterns! They just want to hug!

Sinestro spends the first six pages of Issue #8 trying to escape the clutches of the Indigo Tribe. He fails.

Hal Jordan has a bit of a chat with Black Hand to help the new reader learn some things. The Indigo Tribe bases its powers on compassion. What they feel is empathy for whoever they are interacting and thus they are capable of channeling all of the other emotions and have access to the other spectrum's powers. So when Black Hand is speaking with Hal, he feels willpower. Um. He feels willpowery. Willpowerful? How about we just go with stubborn. Maybe strong-minded? Confident! That'll work.

Hal thought that the Indigo Tribe couldn't access Willpower. That was probably a convenient plot device during the Blackest Night Story that never really made any sense and so is being done away with now. Or maybe it was just a trick so that Hal Jordan could shove his ring into Black Hand's face and recharge his ring on the Indigo energy.

So Hal doesn't need a battery, just an Indigo Lantern sidekick.

Oh, forget I suggested the sidekick thing! Apparently the power stolen from Black Hand is a "simulated energy" and doesn't all for a force field, or flight, or reliable constructs. But it does create a nice domino mask and uniform! Hal uses it to make an unreliable motorcycle as his getaway vehicle.

As Hal is zooming around the gigantic Indigo Tribe fortress, he comes across an enormous statue.

Everything is bigger in the Indigo Tribe!

Abin Sur was the creator of the Indigo Tribe. It began when he saved his biggest enemy, Indigo-1, and turned her from her evil ways. It looks like he did a lot of rehabilitation work. And now his Tribe have turned Sinestro into one of them as well. Nok.

Nok indeed.

Green Lantern Issue #8 Rating: No change. This was a fairly insubstantial issue but I still like where the comic is headed. Green Lantern has so much convoluted history that it was probably the comic that most needed a reboot. But all the reboot did here was turn back the numbering on the cover. Oh well. Hopefully Green Lantern fans are really enjoying it as it really seems to be a continuation of all the big stories that were happening to the Green Lanterns over the last few years. I might become a fan. Slowly.

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