Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Deathstroke #5

Ugh! A 3rd Legacy? Can we just be done with Legacies?

This issue begins "Years ago". Deathstroke and Christoph are watching a couple of guys run some kind of obstacle course. I'm guessing the white guy is Grant (Ravager). And since Deathstroke doesn't believe in "up and coming", his training Grant and Grant's buddy probably goes bad and becomes the reason that Deathstroke doesn't train or work with anyone anymore. Because his son turns on him after being trained by him and then Deathstroke has to kill him. You probably stop getting close to people if you continually have to slaughter them later.

The white kid is Grant. And the black kid is Peabody who ends up being Deathstork's weapons and technology guy. Deathstroke gives Grant the Ravager helmet and the trip down memory lane ends.
Today! Deathstork Deathstroke is cremating Christoph's body and reminiscing about his own father. He's wrapped up in his own mind, worrying and gnawing at the thought that someone is after him. Killing his men. Threatening him. Making him look old and washed up.

Deathstroke recuperates by sitting in a tub of ice.

Deathstork Deathstroke figures that the only way the killer could have found Christoph was because of the knife and mask. He smashes the hilt of the knife on the table, shattering it and revealing a transmitter that sends out "one microburst transmission every six hours" and is dormant the rest of the time. That's why Peabody didn't notice it. And that's how the killer found Christoph. They back trace the signal to a nearby location and Slade dresses up to go find his son.

Slade tracks the beacon to an empty motel room where he discovers a lone laptop. And then he's attacked by the 3rd Legion Legacy! I hope this one dies quickly too!

Legion is just a purple and green version of No One from Batman and Robin.

Deathstroke kicks Legacy and shoots him and calls him a weeny. But this Legacy came a bit more prepared than the other ones. This one actually has some super powers and he hits Deathstroke over the head with a Russian Submarine!


That's basically the end of this issue! It went much too quick which probably means it had too many fucking splash pages! And it's still not as fun as it started. But it's decent and holding my interest so it can hold it's place in the New 52.

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