Thursday, November 20, 2014

Green Arrow #35

Are Naomi and Henry losing their jobs to Felicty now?

This looks like a really exciting comic book that somebody slapped a Green Arrow sticker on the cover of. I want to see Batman and Lex Luthor battle while Felicity figures out how to shut down Flood Control Dam #3.

While watching the television show that believed Green Arrow would be ridiculous if he was known by anything other than just "Arrow," I noticed that one of the ARGUS agents that was trying to leave ARGUS was named Mark Shaw. My first thought was, "Isn't that Manhunter?" So later I looked through my old Who's Who comic books and Manhunter was never known by the name Mark Shaw. At least before 1983. But earlier today, somebody liked my commentary on Cheetah #1 (which has some typos I have never gone back to correct), so I reread it. In that comic book, Mark Shaw shows up! And he's called Manhunter! So my memory seems to find the worst garbage in the world to remember while I can't remember important, life saving information like the name of my sister-in-common-law when I'm talking to her face to face. It's a good thing she assumes I always know her name and she doesn't randomly quiz me about it! Because then I might die from fingernail poisoning.

Kreisberg completely Lobdells the opening to this first issue.

Just because Kreisberg begins this like Lobdell begins all of his comic books with the character introducing themselves to the reader because Lobdell seems to think people only buy comic books that have had their covers ripped off, it doesn't mean it's bad! This is actually a pretty clever in-joke! Green Arrow has spent the first three-quarters of his New 52 life as a complete jerk because he was written by hacks like J.T. Krul and Ann Nocenti.

This story arc is called "Kingdom" and the first chapter is called "Foundation." Yes, that's correct! This isn't "part one"; it's "Chapter One!" That makes it more literary! I bet that's how Kreisberg got the job!

Kreisberg: "I have a pitch for a Green Arrow comic book, lover boy!"
Johns: "*mumblemumblemumble*"
Kreisberg: "What was that? Here, let me move my dick."
Johns: "Let's hear your pitch, Big Cock!"
Kreisberg: "Okay! Picture this!" *Kreisberg spreads out his arms, his erect phallus flopping against his own chin* "The story will be broken into...CHAPTERS!"
Johns: "Wha?! That's!"
Kreisberg: "Oh yeah. That'll get all them bitch boys reading Vonnegut and Salinger to give this medium a second chance!"
Johns: "Great idea! Now if Lemire won't suck me off, the book is yours!"

Maybe that's why Jeff Lemire decided to write a crappy "Save the Future!" story in Justice League United! Because he was pissed that he lost Green Arrow to Kreisberg, he decided to completely tank his Justice League United book. That would teach Geoff "Casting Couch" Johns...well, it would teach him something! Something about ethics or morals or economic decisions based on who is willing to suck off whom.

Whenever Green Arrow does this, does he have to restring his bow when he lands? And why is he carrying so many hotdogs? And should I be referring to him as just Arrow now?

Generally when a new writer comes along, the hero's retinue wind up unemployed and out of a job. Diggle is lucky because he was from the show anyway, so he can stay. But Naomi and Fyff are out on their asses (cute and fat, respectively). Looks like Green Arrow needs to hold an interview for an IT person with a cute face that loves to wear horrible dresses and talks like she's from Sunnydale! That would be Felicity, in case you weren't following my train of thought.

Also, The Glades are now a part of Seattle!

The doctor that removes the bullet from Oliver's arm has a pin on his lapel that is a crescent moon. Do you think he might wind up being Doctor Mid-nite?! I hope not!

Oliver Queen is an hour late for a meeting with some rich assholes that want to get Queen Industries back on its feet after it was lost to some Asian ghost monster, or lost to a business partner while Oliver was fucking triplets, or lost to...oh, I can't remember how he lost it! I'm sure it was stupid though!

Neither of these guys would have waited an hour for Oliver Queen.

I figure Bruce only waited because he didn't want Lex dealing with Oliver alone. And Lex only waited because he knew Batman would have to wait with him which meant he could have some thugs robbing banks in Gotham concurrently.

To convince Oliver to throw Queen Enterprises into the pot with Waynetech and Lexcorps, Lex throws out some numbers. He says the merger between his company and Bruce's has produced an economy "greater than ninety-five percent of the national GDP." So they've basically doubled the amount of money being made in America?! With just their two firms? That's capitalism out of control! Who gave these two assholes so much power to sink the world economy? Now the GDP of the United States is twice as large as it was before. What happens if, say, the CEO of one of these merged companies should...I don't know...try to enslave the world and wind up in prison watching all of his stock shares plummet through the basement?!

You know what? I don't even know what I'm talking about! The only thing I remember from my economics class in high school is that Soylent Green is people.

You tell him, Bruce! What kind of an asshole thinks of a city as their own?!

Meanwhile some guy named Mr. King is looking for some woman named Mia Deardon. The name sounds familiar but it must be one of those things my brain has decided wasn't important enough to remember.

And then Felicity Smoak shows up telling Green Arrow that she was hired to kill him. Which probably means she was hired to kill him but she'll point out next issue how she has no intention of going through with it and she was only caught hacking the Queen Foundation account by Dig because she wanted to be caught and now that she has Green Arrow's attention, how does she get on his payroll?

Green Arrow #35 Rating: No change. Of course Kreisberg and Sokolowski would steer the comic book to being more like the television show. I don't mind that since, at least so far, Ollie seems to be the same guy that just recently took his city back in Lemire's run of the comic book. And what long time comic book fan doesn't expect a change in supporting characters whenever a new writer comes onto a book? It's par for the windmill hole with those stupid blades always trying to knock your ball back at you so you have to chase it down before it falls into a pond.

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