Friday, July 24, 2015

Doctor Fate #2

I'm not feeling too imaginative today but I've got to keep up a two comics per day pace! So, you know, maybe you should skip this one.

Last issue ended with Khalid's father being attacked by a bald man on his way to the airport. It's probably Wotan because comic book stories constantly repeat themselves and rarely give their readership anything new. Companies think we'll be super excited simply because we're reading something we recognize. I don't blame them because comic book fans are complete assholes when anything they're used to changes in any way. Although those fans probably aren't reading this version of Doctor Fate because it's not Kent Nelson. So if that has changed, I suppose Levitz is free to change whatever he wants! Now I'm excited to find out who Doctor Fate's new nemesis is! I hope it's some character I recognize!

As Khalid drags his dad from the crashed cab, Anubis shows up to lay claim to his "blood price." I guess there's a cost to wearing the helmet. I think the cat mentioned it last issue after Khalid had already put it on. And since Anubis can't have Khalid's dad, it decides to crash a plane.

Oh, fuck science! Just wave your wand or whatever!

Khalid, being a med student, failed aeronautics and spellcasting so he only manages to land the plane sort of safely. But the Helmet of Thoth reminds Khalid that "It's wind over the wings that helps the plane fly!" Thanks for the science lesson, ancient mystic helmet! How about you just stick to giving people access to the land of the dead and slowly taking over their psyches?

Enough people must have died in the plane crash because Anubis goes away sated. I hope he gets hit by a semi truck as he heads back to the land of the dead.

After Khalid sees his dad safely to the hospital and Khalid's girlfriend Shaya refuses to have sex with him, the Helmet of Thoth transports Khalid to some mystic realm to learn about ancient Egypt from his priest Nabu.

Just accept it and be Doctor Fate already. One and a half issues is enough time wasted for the audience to believe he's having a tough time coping.

Khalid reluctantly puts on the helmet again to go outside and fight some stray dogs. This might be the most exciting Doctor Fate yet! He even manages to defeat the pack of dogs with only a severe laceration to his ankle! He might be ready to face Satan himself now! I mean Anubis! That was probably culturally insensitive of me to use the wrong landlord of hell.

Luckily for Khalid, his ankle heals because of magic! Unless it's because of the wind over his ankle? Biology was my worst course in college because it was so boring. I'd already mastered my body by my twenties! I knew that if you put food in your mouth, you would get energy to do all the really awesome biological stuff your body can do. You know the stuff! The baby stuff! You should describe it in detail in a message to me so I can see if you know what I'm talking about! Don't hold back anything in your description!

After Khalid realizes the helmet has the power of healing without having to study, he becomes the greatest doctor in the world! Doctor Fate! But first he'll have to avoid drowning because Anubis's flood is bearing down on him as the issue ends.

Doctor Fate #2 Rating: No change. I kind of hate that I gave this blog the semblance of a review site by listing DC's comics from best to worst. Because then when I do an entry like this one, it seems like I'm not even trying to do a review! And that's because I'm not trying! This was never meant to be a review site! It's just a place for me to say what happens in each comic so that when the next issue comes out in a month, I can reread the commentary on the previous issue and remember what was happening. This blog is only here because my memory is terrible! So if you want a real review of this mediocre comic book, you should go to Nerds Talk About Comic Books or wherever. They'll probably even tell you what to think of the art. Hell, sometimes they even describe how well the letterer does his or her job! That just seems ludicrous! I figure the letterer is doing a good job if I don't talk about the letterer! If I do mention the letterer in my commentary, it's because the letterer completely fucked something up. Although now that I mentioned the Letterer, the font in Doctor Fate is thin and weak and crappy. I don't like it at all!

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