Sunday, July 19, 2015

Earth 2: Society #2

Not only are the characters of Society living in Macross City, they're all beginning to resemble Robotech characters.

This issue is from Terry Sloan's point of view. He begins with the following thought: "To create, one must destroy." I guess that's true. To create a turd, I often have to destroy a bathroom. So, philosophically, the statement holds up. Besides, people wouldn't keep repeating it if it wasn't true, would they? It seems like a quote that a selfish jerk would say to rationalize kicking over somebody else's sand castle so that they can build their sand castle in the exact same location. It's an old saying so I think it should be changed to reflect modern times. I submit this quote: "If anybody is creative, we must destroy them!" It's almost certainly the motto of this blog!

Everybody is after Terry Sloan because he's an arrogant jerko genius which obviously makes him the bad guy. Smart people always have ulterior motives. Dumb people do too but nobody worries about dumb people coming up with a workable plan to successfully satisfy their darkest desires. Dumb people are also too busy pointing out how smart people lack common sense with devastating arguments like, "Smart people lack common sense." They never offer any proof because, like that destroying and creating quote, it just seems to be true by dint of so many people repeating it. Plus it consoles dumb people to constantly repeat it. I say it no less than five times per day. I mean, it just makes common sense that smart people don't have any common sense.

Hell, I'm dumb and I don't have any common sense! I just picked up a dusty toothpick, wiped it off with my horribly dirty fingers, and then stuck it between my teeth! I probably just implanted some bacteria that are going to travel straight to my brain and murder me! Man, why did I do that?! This is more upsetting and troubling than that time I had sex with a hooker without a condom! I suppose the heroin I shot up in the used needle caused me to make some bad decisions that night.

Speaking of horrible decisions. Yeesh, Flash.

Terry Sloan is busy prepping to terraform the planet. I'm not sure how he got his hands on Bruce's cube with the backup drive of Earth-2 but he's planning on sticking it in his Genesis Machine and bringing back Earth-2. He says, "It will terraform this plane--destroying all native life and replacing it with home." That's why he has to destroy to create! The only problem with this statement is that this planet has no native life. The "native life" of this planet came out of Alan Scott's imagination! What Terry Sloan is doing is the equivalent of tagging over another street artist's creation. That ain't cool, dude. No wonder Green Lantern is so angry.

Sloan has nearly the same flashback Grayson had last issue but with a few differing details. Sloan crashed the other ships on purpose to save them from whatever began attacking the ships upon orbital entry. That attacker was a traitor from within the ship! Which means it was probably Terry Sloan. But for now, let's pretend he's not an evil mastermind and just a victim. Who could possibly have betrayed the Twofers?! I mean besides Terry Sloan! We're trying to think outside of the typical comic book box where the genius is the bad guy and everything that happens is part of the genius's plan! Oh! I bet the real traitor is some other genius!

Terry Sloan remembers back to that day when everybody on board all of the ships he forced to crash land became his enemies. The only people who didn't crash on New Earth-2 were the people aboard the Overwatch-One. That's basically the old World Government and its military and its Sandmen.

Dammit, Sloan! You're making it awfully hard for me to not think you're the traitor like every reader already knows you are!

Sloan does indeed steal the Source Cube on the same day everybody crash lands on New Earth-2. I guess it took a full year to prepare it so he could transform the world into his own likeness. Batdick can't stop him before he pushes the button to terraform the world so I guess everybody on Earth-2 is going to die during the terraforming? Or does it somehow allow for people whose DNA matches that in the Source Vault to survive as everything terraforms around them? I suppose it's the latter thing or else Batdick wouldn't end the comic book with "This should be fun." He would probably end the comic book with, "OH MY GOD NOW I REALLY HAVE TO FIND MY STUPID SON!"

Earth 2: Society #2 Rating: No change. From the Sneak Peek, I thought Red Arrow and The Huntress were the bad guys who were going to use the Source Vault to destroy Green Lantern's world. But apparently I was wrong because I can't be bothered to dig up whatever Convergence issue the Sneak Peek was in to do any fact checking. Since it's not part of this actual series, we can just forget it ever happened anyway, right? The bad guy is now the bad guy that we expected: Terry Sloan. Although it's a surprise that Commander Sato and the Sandmen are fighting on his side. I hope Terry Sloan programmed the Genesis Machine to transform New Earth-2 into Golden Age Earth-2! I want to read some World War II stories with the Justice Society!

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