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Justice League #3

Aquaman's trident is looking a bit impotent.

The Commentary!
This issue begins by teaching me that Australia is the south of the world, Japan is the east of the world, and Russia is the north of the world. But what's the west of the world? I bet it's Cuba, right?

All over the world, humans are climbing on top of each other to become giant Voltron-versions of human beings. It's not just stupid when I type it or when I read what I've typed or when you read what I've typed or when I say it out loud to myself over and over again. It's also really stupid when it's read straight from the pages of Justice League. I suppose when hundreds of people stand on each other's shoulders, they become stronger than normal and can resist Wonder Woman's Bolt of Zeus better than when if she threw it directly at a lone human who would probably just explode. I wouldn't take that chance but Wonder Woman is more proactive than I am and apparently also doesn't mind explaining to the other Justice League members why she killed a bunch of innocent people.

"I want you to answer some questions while I smash you in the face with this weapon of the gods!"

I cropped the panel above so that if Greg Rucka happened to see it, he wouldn't be offended because Tony S. Daniel decided to draw Wonder Woman's ass with barely any underwear. I'm pretty sure the underwear was only added by the colorist and even then, it's barely there. It's like her ass is devouring her undergarments.

Since The Kindred does not immediately answer Wonder Woman's question in the half second before her Rod of Lightning smashes it in the face, her Rod of Lightning smashes it in the face. That's the kind of writing a real Writer writes right there!

Wonder Woman decides the way to beat Kindred is to dismantle his people sculpture. But the people sculpture decides she should be part of it.

When I first turned the page and glanced at this panel, I thought it was a hand holding a penis.

Gigantic Kindred people are popping up all over the world. It's still a mystery why because Wonder Woman is terrible at interrogations.

Flash is busy running around Earth squishing Space Bed Bugs while Batman is busy trying to tell Superman that the Justice League is terrible without him. Cyborg is cleaning up the Watchtower and the Green Lanterns have gone through a wormhole to find the source of the Alien Bed Bugs. It's not a seedy motel in New York like you probably guessed. It's a mostly destroyed planet that should probably burn its wardrobe.

The scene where Batman gathers up Superman to join the Justice League is sexist garbage. Hitch apparently thinks Lois Lane can't stomach having Superman rush off to save the world without thinking he's going to die and she gives him a hard time about choosing to help Earth. It's like Bryan Hitch doesn't know anything about their relationship and simply believes women are there to stand in the way of men with their tears and guilt trips! I don't think he's had enough therapy discussing my mother. I mean his mother! Superman, being a man trying to calm down a woman, simply says, "Lois...", as if she's being irrational (as opposed to simply just being out of character) and it's the only argument he needs. "Lois" as in "Lois, you're being hysterical" or "Lois, stop being so emotional" or "Lois, you fucking idiot, the world is ending!" But that isn't the main reason I think this scene is sexist! It's just a freeway with a sign reading, "Sexism: Next exit". Because in the next panel, Bryan Hitch tries to do the thing where Lois is all, "You wouldn't be Superman if you didn't do this!" But she says, "I know. You have to. I know the man I married. The man I love You wouldn't be him if you didn't do this." See, it's the "you have to" thing that's getting me with the emphasis on the "have". It's like Lois is saying he shouldn't. It's like Lois is saying, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Just leave me and Jon and go do your stupid thing fighting bugs where we all know you're going to die." It's like Lois is accusing Superman of abandoning her. As opposed to what Lois would really be doing: giving him his jacket and maybe packing a bag of snacks with an extra serving of Goldfish and hurrying him out the door and telling him to go kick ass and save the world. If anybody would be dragging their feet in this scene, it would probably be Superman!

You know, I'm surprised Tony S. Daniel didn't put the cherry on the sexism cupcake (damn, that sounds delicious) and draw Lois in a towel for this scene.

While Lois cries and manipulates Clark into thinking maybe he shouldn't be rushing off to save the entire world, the entire world continues to need saving! There's another bit of writing a real Writer writes right there!

Oh! So this is why Lois is probably worried! Superman is rushing off to work with incompetents. "I can BOOM Tube you in but I can't BOOM tube you out!" What a lying dick.

Superman enters the core of the Earth without any kind of plan except "I'm Superman!" and immediately regrets the decision. So I guess he's going to die trying to remove Earth's Ben Wa balls which--come to think of it--might have been put there to keep the Earth structurally sound! Maybe the Justice League is simply interfering with a plan set in place thousands of years ago to keep the Earth safe and manageable. Maybe it's the Ben Wa balls that kept Earth from falling apart after those earthquakes! It's like the Justice League is trying to evacuate a burning building and the first thing they do after rushing in is begin knocking down support beams!

Oh, it turns out Atlantis is the West of the world. I guess that makes sense since it was probably Lord Arion who set this plan in motion and why would he make America the West of the world when it hadn't been discovered yet? I mean discovered by people who shove their history down everybody else's throats. In the end, those are the only people who matter!

Aquaman, realizing that the gigantic Kindred thing is composed of his people, decides not to try to destroy it and instead talks to it. He shows it his Precious Moments Zodiac Crystals which have begun to sing and The Kindred is all, "Ooh! Let me see!" And Aquaman is all, "You don't see with your hands!" The Kindred is all, "Whatever. My other people sculptures are calling so I should go do the thing we're supposed to do where we gather at Ayer's Rock (probably!) and sing the bad things away. Toodaloo!"

Oh, they decide to meet in Canada. That's the Australia of the North, so I was close enough!

The Kindred begin singing. One of them is all, "I'm a Green Lantern!" And one of them is all, "I'm The Flash!" And one of them is all, "I'm a Darkstar! No wait! They sucked! I'm, uh, Superman!" And then the last one is all, "Dammit! I'm Aquaman again?! Fuck!"

The Review!
Bryan Hitch is a terrible writer. Was he once not a terrible writer? Why is DC treating him like his dick can't be sucked enough? Why does he get to writer Justice League stories when he writes terrible Justice League stories? Although to be fair to Bryan Hitch, I've never read the end to one of his stories, so maybe he always knocks them out of the park and I'm just jumping the criticism gun! Although to be fair to me, the reason I haven't read the end to any of his stories is that he never finished Justice League of America! I think the next issue of that might be coming out next week unless that's just another fantasy DC Comics is engaged in to keep people thinking that they'll get an end to that story. I really hope the ending is terrible so I don't have to retract my statement about Bryan Hitch being a terrible writer. I might even go so far as to say he's worse than Cullen Bunn! No, I won't say that. Cullen Bunn is a bad writer and a whiny baby man! I hope Tony S. Daniel can salvage this story by drawing a bunch of females in towels next issue.

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