Monday, June 29, 2015

Catwoman #41

I don't understand this cover but it looks great.

Catwoman! She used to be a cat and a woman! But now she's a mafia person and a woman! I'm glad she's always a woman because meow! If she were Catman, she'd be gay. I mean bisexual. But she's not gay! She's, um, bisexual! Oh my God! Catwoman and Catman are the same person!

Why does DC Comics equate being bisexual with being a cat? Is that an Urban Dictionary thing I don't know about?

Let's play a game! Who is the correspondence in this issue going to be from?! It's got to be from a woman who was in power and it's got to be old enough to be hardly understandable even if it's in English (and you understand English which I'm assuming you do since it's the only language I sort of have a grasp of)! That probably means it'll be from Queen Elizabeth! I don't think any other women were allowed to be in power until 2060. And then she was only was allowed to be President of the World because she was half robot.

The issue begins with Catwoman running a scam on the Falcones. She switches the Falcones monthly offering to Black Mask with sequential bills so that Black Mask cannot spend the money. Although I don't see why not. I'm supposed to believe that police departments are competent enough to somehow track money back to the person who spent it just because the serial number is being tracked? I think that's a myth! I'm not going to buy into that myth anymore and neither should all you big drug runners and mafia types! I guarantee you won't be caught spending sequential bills! I stake my life on it! If any of you get into trouble, you have my permission to rot in jail while I laugh and enjoy my freedom.

Selina is still on a Lucretia Borgia kick so her correspondence is just the motto of Cesare Borgia: "Caeser or nothing." Actually she says it in Latin first but since comic book readers are unintelligent bores, she translates it for us. I mean for them. What it means is Catwoman is turning Gotham into a place where if you don't side with the Calabreses, you get nothing.

Selina runs into Oswald Cobblepot at the opera so Cobblepot might think "Caeser or nothing" means "Penguin or shallow grave." He's learning things through powerful old timey women too!

After the opera, Selina Kyle hears of Batman's death.

I guess she's sad that she'll never ever again be told how she's fucking up her life at every turn.

Eiko stops by to take advantage of Selina's grief. Or to comfort her. Tomato, tomato pronounced differently than the first tomato.

Alvarez and Keyes are still in this comic book. They've been assigned to investigate the murder of an ex-cop turned private investigator named Bill Turner. They see it as punishment for investigating their own trying to find out which cops are on mafia payrolls. They've been working with Selina because they're on Selina's payroll and should be investigating themselves. No wait. I think it's okay to work with a mafia leader if you're not taking any money and you're helping her to figure out which other cops are working for other mafia leaders but accepting money for it. I'm sure they wish Ann Nocenti never dragged them into this comic book.

The mafia stuff takes place and it's mafia stuff that takes place. Loyalties are challenged. Bodies are counted. Leaders are overconfident. Little friends wait patiently to be introduced. You all know the drill!

Selina lets Antonia take care of the business with negotiating a new truce with the Falcones because she needs to go search for the real Batman because having sex with a Robot Batman is dangerous.

The moon is so low in the sky, it's in front of some clouds. I sense a company-wide Eclipso crossover coming!

Catwoman #41 Rating: No change. Except for the comic book needing a serious change of pace, I'm still a bit unclear as to how Selina Kyle gets to be head of the Calabrese family. So Rex told some people she was his daughter and that's that? Is she really his daughter? Why was this an acceptable move on Rex's part to put her in charge? Why are there so many characters that I can barely keep straight? At least Ward discovered Selina was Catwoman this issue which probably means her time as a Godfeline is almost over.

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