Monday, January 9, 2012

The Very Big Cave Adventure

I don't just read comics! I also play ancient computer adventure games! I finally finished The Very Big Cave Adventure, Part Two, which I became really, really bored by a few months ago. So I stopped playing Computer Adventure games. But then I decided to finish it so I could get around to playing a new one that might be more exciting! I haven't started a new one yet. But I made a Walkstory* of The Very Big Cave Adventure, Part Two! It's not as entertaining as some of my other stories because I was pretty bored by it. The good news is it was easy to beat so I didn't waste much time on it!

*A walkstory is a Walkthrough** that I make into a story. It's still really easy to use as a Walkthrough*** though because of the way I format it. If you don't want to read my amazing story! Dumb!

**A walkthrough is a document that shows you how to win a game.

***I already told you what this is in the double asterisk footnote!

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