Sunday, January 22, 2012

Superman #2

This issue begins with Superman getting some military information from General Lane. It looks like they have some sort of tentative relationship since the military was running experiments on him under Luthor's guidance. Although Lane still seems to distrust if not downright hate Superman.

This is something that bothered me a lot back when I was reading the Teen Titans in the eighties. Most of the property damaging fights that took place in New York between the Titans and their super powered foes happened because the villains were looking for a fight with the Titans. The Titans weren't actually protecting the city. They were putting it in harm's way.

For a long time, comic book writers didn't seem to notice what they were doing. They would put together an exciting story line where the heroes battled some foe who had a grudge against the heroes. So extensive property damage would ensue simply because the heroes had made their headquarters in that city.

Eventually, the comic book world noticed this and began to comment on it. I think the Millennium Legends or some other cross-over crisis dealt with turning people against super heroes by pointing out how often there defense of the city was only needed because they were in the city and being attacked.

It gets kind of annoying at times and I really should keep track of the number of times in each Super Hero book that this happens. Green Arrow has fallen victim to this twice already with Rush and his retarded gang going after him (although they had every reason to put a stop to him since he was busting them for dancing and dining) followed by Mantis and Red Rose who are simply looking to hurt Green Arrow.

It's too early to tell if Superman is at fault for this flame beast but General Lane certainly believes it. And some of the cast from last comic mentioned it as well (Perry White, maybe?).

It looks like it happens a lot here! So Supes is attacked yet again. He wasn't stopping a villain. Some invisible thing just began attacking him. So all property damage from this fight is directly due to Superman!

While it is invisible to Superman, it seems other people can see whatever is attacking him. Is there something Kryptonians can't see? Does it have some sort of light shield that makes it invisible but only to the special anatomy of the Kryptonian eye? I guess I'll see!

So the thing he's fighting looks like a smoother version of Killer Croc. And it is just something about his eyes that keep him from seeing the monster. So he takes it into a video store to fight it so he can see where it is on all the monitors.

Okay. So Superman doesn't feel financially responsible at all! The insurance company will take care of it! I guess Superman doesn't give a shit about ruining insurance companies. And fuck it, why should he?! Break everything, Supes!

He doesn't. Oh well. He defeats the thing and it disappears while speaking the DC alien language. But it's weird. This comic is using the same font as the others have used. The other comics have all used it to spell English words (even Issue #1 of this title!) and this time it really is just gibberish. BLFGDF kind of crap. I guess whatever these creatures are, what they have to say would either ruin the surprise of where they come from if the reader could translate it or else the Letterer just got lazy.

The first creature Supes fought was a fire beast. Now this one was some sort of air beast crocodile. I only surmise that because the cover of issue #3 shows a watery ice creature.

And of course they're all coming for Superman. He's such a menace to Metropolis!

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