Friday, January 20, 2012

Action Comics #4

Since I'm trying to get through about 250 comics, I guess I'd better start making some shorter entries when I can. And Action Comics #4 provides that opportunity!

Action Comics #4 is a big long confusing fight scene. It's not as confusing as Savage Hawkman's fight scenes. Not even close. But the action just doesn't flow very well from panel to panel.

What happens? Superman fights some stuff. Superman goes up against Fake Steel Metal Zero John Corben Colony Monster Alien thing and comes to a stalemate. Sort of. Maybe Superman would have won. But John Henry Irons, the Real Deal Steel, comes flying in in his version of the Steel suit that I guess he was keeping for himself. He beats the Fake Steel. The Colony collect Metropolis in a jar. And the Military asks Superman for his help in recovering Metropolis. Okay, the commander of the military who is also Lois Lane's dad asks Superman for help.

So Superman has about an hour to save Metropolis or the Bottled City of Kandor is going to have a little neighbor jar.

But all that won't happen until Issue #7. Apparently there will be a two issue story about Superman and his rocket coming to Earth. Or something.

Here's a picture:

Oh yeah, Lex Luthor also runs around the whole comic trying to hide and whining about how he had a deal. Seems fitting since I'm sure Lex Luthor has gone back on a few deals himself. Probably. Maybe I'm being judgmental.

Maybe I'll spend more time on Issue #5! Boy, I'm in trouble if I get burnt out on Superman! I've still got 5 issues of Superman, 5 issues of Superboy, and 5 issues of Supergirl to get through!

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