Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Superboy #3

Let me try to sum up Superboy #3.

I think there might have been a plot somewhere in-between all the boobs and butts.

Plot points:

Young couple in love burns the faces off everyone while shopping.


Superboy learns he must think about his telekinetic power to activate it.

Hot lava.

Hot lava chick.

Rose Wilson jumps out of the plane.

Different young couple in love doing it outside.

Superboy breaks through ground.

Coitus interruptus.


Young couple in love not as in love as you might think since girl goes home with Superboy.


Hot lave chick attacks Superboy.



Hot lave chick reveals to Superboy that he is part Krypton, part Human, and part Something Unspeakable (Nyarlathotep?).

Superboy goes back to see Doctor Red.




Doctor Red shows Superboy she has hidden talents!

All in all, some really bad storytelling happens in this issue! But it's no worse than the storytelling of all the comics I've ranked beneath Superboy, so I'll let it slide. For one issue! Get your act together, Superboy!

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