Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mister Terrific #5

Angry Mister Terrific and his alien posse promptly kick the crap out of the Kryl Warriors.

They also eat some of them.

The Kryl retreat and escape the slave ship in pods. The aliens begin to celebrate but Michael Holt believes something else might be happening.

Cue White Guilt.

Things look grim if the Kryl have abandoned ship so that they can destroy everybody on it. Without his T-balls, Mister Terrific is stuck along with all the other aliens who don't seem to have any more powers than normal Earthlings.

Except for one locked door that didn't release when Mister Terrific freed the others. Their only hope!

Inside the cell, they find Py'Lothia, a soon-to-be Lady Gaga fan.

Mister Terrific asks her why she's locked up in such a secure cell. What's her horrifying secret?

Yes, her crime was being hermaphroditic.

So the Kryl imprisoned her hoping that at some point in the future, she would choose one or the other and become either a powerful weapon or an impenetrable defense.

But Michael knows better! She was born this way! She needs to throw off the shackles of her parents and her culture and accept that she is who she is! She's both!

After a whole bunch of touchy feely garbage (which is actually much better and more enjoyable than you would think. Maybe I shouldn't have called it touchy feely garbage?), Mister Terrific convinces Py'Lothia to accept who she is!

Yay for diversity! Py'Lothia absorbs the Kryl energy blast and reflects it back at their battleship, destroying it! KKKKKRA-KOOOOOM!

Goodbyes are said. Michael learns Py'lothia's name means Harmony. Py'lothia says Michael's name, from the Hebrew, means 'one who resembles God'. Urdron, the big purple guy, tries to convince Michael there are seven gods and they don't like blasphemers. Michael does what all atheists everywhere have learned to do everywhere and everywhen throughout their life: he doesn't laugh in Urdron's face but says nothing but, "Roger that, friend." Because atheists think believers are delusional but what the fuck can we do? They're everywhere!

Michael eventually fixes one of his T-balls by using the parts from the other two (three T-balls? Ew!) and returns home!

We end with some business intrigue brewing and the artist's rendering of Portland, Oregon.

Enh. Close enough.


  1. I just reread this post and it's my most 'just a plain summary' post yet! Kind of run out of things to say after reading five issues in a row. Especially because this isn't a bad comic! If it were bad, it would have given me more to work with.

  2. I stopped at the "No one said slavery was logical" panel because BORING, thanks for the insight No. 3.

    Is he Black Green Lantern? The one who's name I can never remember?

    Still, it's better than the others you've reviewed. I just still can't care for the character or the story.

  3. Right! You stopped at that panel due to WHITE GUILT!