Saturday, January 28, 2012

Supergirl #3

What?! What is it? What's so shocking?! Oh yeah, it blew up.

Why is this the cover of this issue? At the end of last issue, Supergirl learned the truth about Krypton. And she learns nothing new in this issue. This is the first page.

This and the second page have the only discussions about Krypton in the entire issue. And no new truths are learned. Supergirl decides not to believe Superman and flies off to find her pod. She still holds some hope that Krypton has not been destroyed. Or, if it has, her family has somehow survived.

Superman doesn't really give her any information about the destruction. It's still a mystery how he knows any of this stuff since he was merely an infant when he was sent from the imploding planet.

She arrives back at the crater to find her pod missing. A hologram of Simon Tycho greets her there. This guy must be her Lex Luthor. He's a trillionaire at 28 so that must mean he's super smart. Because super smart people get rich, right? Or does it just mean he's super ruthless and a gigantic sociopath? That's more apt.

Simon Tycho lives on a space station and he lures Supergirl into it. He attacks her with robot moths and a man made of a brain and nerve-endings encased in man-shaped goo. She beats up everything and makes her way to the pod only to find it leaking some kind of green liquid.

It must be some kind of element that only poisons Kryptonians! That should be the cover of issue #4: THE TRUTH ABOUT KRYPTONITE!

While I was initially intrigued to find out more about Supergirl and how she ended up fleeing Krypton, my interest is really starting to wane. Get to it already! These issues are really quick reads and I'm not finding much of interest to blog about as I read them. The good and the bad comics are easy to write about. The mediocre ones are a bit tougher!

Anyway, this issue ends with Supergirl incapacitated by Simon Tycho aboard his space station.

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