Friday, January 20, 2012

Action Comics #3

And just like that, the regular Joes turn on Superman!

That 'Go Back Home' sign is a real slap in Superman's face!

I bet Brainiac is behind this mess! Or maybe Superman said the local newscasters weren't necessarily total morons and this is the backlash.

Seriously though. Just about all news outlets suck. But local news and their newscasters are just about the worst! How do you think they feel when time after time they're made fun of in other forms of media. They're jokes! Especially Wayne Garcia of Fox News Portland! I'm just putting that out there so if he ever Google's his name (you know he does!), he'll see this and a tear will slowly roll down his cheek. And they go on and on about being the first to deliver the news to you! And that they're shooting it live! Meanwhile, what live means, is they send a reporter to the place where the news happened hours ago and the reporter finds a twig or a paper bag or his laptop to use as a prop because somebody must have told them that it's more engaging when they're showing an object as they speak.

It's actually too bad that Krypton didn't have a First, Live, Local news reporter on the scene during its last day in existence! Maybe more people would have taken it seriously. Because Issue #3 begins with a flashback to Krypton's last hour on Earth! Or something.

Here we see Kandor being bottled.

For some reason, only Jor-El, Superman's dad, knows that Krypton is about to fall apart. Well, he's the only person on Krypton who knows it! Some aliens named the Terminauts are here to collect data about the Kryptonian civilization so it isn't lost for all time. Judging by their name, they must be the of the universe. And they've come to take samples!

But that's all we get to see before Clark Kent wakes up. I guess his little baby super brain remembered all of this stuff so he could have nice dream memories about the destruction of his home.

Superman isn't the only one being hassled by the authorities. Clark Kent is making waves publishing articles exposing the corruption in Metropolis. So the cops come into his apartment and rifle through his belongings and ignore his civil liberties because in Metropolis, just like every other city in America, the police seem dedicated to protect big business before protecting the common man. Too bad Superman isn't Batman or else he would have just kicked that cop's ass!

Meanwhile, Glen Glenmorgan, the guy Superman roughed up in Issue #1 and the guy who owns the Daily Planet and the television stations and the Metropolis P.D., has gone on the attack to prove that Superman is an alien menace.

It amazes me that people in the real world would really feel sorry for some corrupt bastard big business man being roughed up a bit by an alien looking for justice! Who are these people who will defend anything anybody does as long as it makes the person extremely wealthy? Do they defend it because they dream they can one day be super rich as well?

I think that's also the reason people win frivolous lawsuits. It's because the dull eyed slack jawed people we get as jury members are rubbing one out in the jury box dreaming that this can someday be them! Free money! Sort of. If I don't really think about where it's coming from.

So is Glen Glenmorgan's plan going to work? Are the people of Metropolis going to turn on Superman because a big corporate liar says he's scary and mean?

According to the cover, they are! But then if we believe the covers of comic books, Wonder Woman would have slain Poseidon with Aquaman's trident this month and Captain Atom would be riding around on a Luck Dragon trying to save Fantastica.

Results from Google Image Search for Fantastica. That last one is, of course, Miss Kitty Fantastica. I know, nerds. But I searched for FantasticA not FantasticO. Take it up with the person who named the cat.

This time the cover IS correct. The people of Metropolis turn on Superman. I hate this trope but, sadly, this is how people react. Give them something to fear and they'll run with it. It's amazing how many people can quote FDR's 'The only thing we have to fear is fear itself' and yet how few people actually understand it. Or perhaps it's simply fear always trumps rationality. Although FDR basically calls for people to blindly follow government just after that. So, you know, fuck him!

In the face of majority opinion against Superalien, Clark Kent throws in the towel. You might have said throws in the cape but not me! I ignore blatant and obvious changes to common turns of phrase! Just don't scan the rest of my blog to prove me otherwise because you might not like what you find! Or I might not.

This is what you get when you read the stream-of-consciousness blog of somebody reading a comic book real time! Oh, I almost forgot the picture that goes with Clark throwing in the cape! Crap!

And then all hell breaks loose! I bet Superman is going to be needed!

Apparently that wasn't Braniac at the end of Issue #2. It is the Collector of Worlds. He's the guy with the Terminauts who helped destroy Krypton. Or helped archive Krypton before Krypton was destroyed. It's kind of hard to say. They could be Terminauts because they terminate. Or they're Terminauts because they appear when a world has reached termination. But whoever they are, they know Luthor!

Looks like the Collector of Worlds is looking for the Rare Hologram Missing Superman for its collection. Find out next issue if Luthor will trade him for it!

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