Friday, February 10, 2017

Hard-Travelin' Heroz: Six Pack Loves Dog Welder #5

Now I want to reread The Right Stuff. Although I really wanted to reread it after seeing Hidden Figures. That movie didn't have enough Gus Grissom in it.

I would review Hidden Figures but I know I'm not sensitive enough to handle something like that. Although here I go as I say, "My review would be something like 'Holy shit! I can't believe that one smarty-pants that sort of looked like Queen Latifah's daughter married that evil son-of-a-bitch Cottonmouth! And that woman who wanted to be an engineer was super adorable! And, um, so smart! Wooee! What a looker! I mean genius! That one part when Bull Durham knocks down the colored restroom sign was really good because it showed the most important part of the movie which was that sometimes white men stood up for black women's rights, even if it was only because it meant he could get more work out of them. Two parts of the movie really ruined it though. How come Sheldon wasn't good at math and no way that Scream Queens frat bro could be an astronaut. So unbelievable.'"

The Review!
I love that Constantine can call people "berks" in this comic book. What percentage of the audience does an editor have to assume can recognize a coded way of saying "cunt" before the editor cuts out the word? That's a serious question!

After Constantine calls a bunch of people berks, Section Eight steals a space shuttle and flies off to save the world. I guess Dogwelder needs to weld the Dogstar to somebody's face or something. Bonus story: Six Pack has an emotional breakdown.

The Ranking!
No change. Steve Dillon did the cover. It's like seeing a ghost!

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