Monday, February 13, 2017

Teen Titans #4

I'm excited for the trial by wombat!

The Review!
It's probably not fair that I judge this group of Teen Titans as if they were just a holdover of Marv Wolfman's messed up kids. These kids have to get to know each other and learn to trust each other before they can spend all of their time not doing anything heroic. So I'm cutting them some slack for this first story arc. How can they save the world if they're not actually a team? But once they've committed to being the Teen Titans, I'll definitely get back to pointing out how they aren't making the world any safer and are probably just making San Francisco more dangerous.

This issue, Beast Boy saw how Robin was ready to give himself up to Ra's al Ghul to save the others. He then goes back to the others and is all, "Let's ruin Robin's sacrifice and save him instead!" The others are all, "Yeah! That's what friends do!" Then they go save Damian.

The Ranking!
No change. Next issue will be the big fight and hopefully the end of this arc. After that, the team will probably have to fight Trigon or Blackfire or Reverse Flash or Mento. This comic is off to a good start in that the antagonists are Damian's cousin and his grandfather. The Teen Titans rarely fight anybody who isn't a relative.

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