Monday, February 6, 2017

Detective Comics #949

These kinds of grimaces always make me think of Rob Liefeld.

The Review
No change. Batwoman gets a new mission from her father hunting down terrorist organizations fighting over control of Hugo Strange's monster venom that turns corpses into Godzilla Zombie Monsters. This is a job for Batwoman because she doesn't mind using shotguns and you need to use a shotgun if you're going to kill Godzilla Zombie Monsters or if you're going to protect the Batcave from clowns. But she'll be dealing with that mission over in her own comic book so Batman isn't "TT"ing her every other page due to the gun residue all over her body. I suppose she'll still be in this series as well since she's the leader of the Bat-family Military Training School.

Oh, and the derivative Colony super assassin who bragged about being able to beat up Batman because he had studied all of Batman's moves for years? He gets his ass kicked. Embarrassed, he jabs some monster venom into his neck so that he can be Batwoman's nemesis over in her comic book. He would have been a boring nemesis if he'd remained just a regular old white dude. Now he's some kind of man-bat thing which most people who aren't me probably find more exciting than average white guys.

Doctor October doesn't appear in this issue. She'll probably be the main supporting character in Batwoman's series. Also, her name has a lot of 'O's in it.

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