Monday, February 6, 2017

Wonder Woman #14

I remember when my hair was this luxurious.

The Review!
Let's see. What did I just read? Wonder Woman was in it and she was all, "Hi-yah!" Is that how you spell the noise you make when you karate chop some fool in the throat? Because that's what she did to Ares. And Ares was all, "Nice guys finish last because of you dumb women!" And Wonder Woman was all, "Patriarchy this, motherfucker!" Then she kicked him in the patriarchies (which are the balls) and an owl took his Fedora and a deer headbutted him in the dice bag and a falcon tore out his eyes while mocking him by screeching, "Mi'lady!" Then after Ares disappeared (not dead but humiliated, running off to go sort his Magic cards through his tears and pretending that he wasn't hurt at all) and Steve Trevor was all, "I'm in love! SPRUBOING!" That's the sound of his penis. Then I think later Etta and Barbara fucked drunkenly. A good time was had by all! Including Ares who finally got all his lands sorted by artist!

The Ranking!
No change!

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