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Wonder Woman #13

Apparently Wonder Woman cries out of her eyes and ears.

When a person gets annoyed at somebody saying "All it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun," it's almost certainly not why you think it is. The problem with the statement isn't strictly the part about the guns. The problem is that time after time we've seen that the "good guy" can't actually recognize a bad guy (or if there is even a gun (or, knowing that all the good guy has to say is they thought there was a gun, not caring that there isn't a gun at all)). It's easy to point to a mass shooting and say, "That guy could have been stopped if a good guy had a gun." In fact, gun lovers love to point out those hypothetical situations as proof that more guns are needed. But try to point out that "good guys" with guns constantly shoot anybody they perceive as being a bad guy and you'll soon find out what the real argument of the "All it takes..." quote is. Because as we've seen from people who support Donald Trump's travel ban from countries with populations which have a zero percent rate of terrorist attacks on American soil in the last thirty years, they already know who the bad guys are. You would think the operative word in their pithy argument would be "gun" but the actual identifier of the bad guy is a dog whistle and a wink: dark skinned. In Professor John Jennings' essay, "Skin Cells" (published in Bitch Planet #8 (and possibly elsewhere?)), he states how his black body is inscribed by society "with the visual language of discrimination, fear, and violence." He also uses this quote by Claudia Rankine: "Because white men can't police their imagination, black men are dying." Societal beliefs and expectations are a virus which you've lived with for so long that you come to accept it as just a part of who you are. Many people truly believe the bad guy is dark skinned. Many people now believe the only real bad guy is Muslim. Somehow they conveniently ignore all of the mass killings perpetrated by white skinned individuals. I have a theory about that!

Don't I always have a theory about everything? I am, after all, a complete and utter individual whose confident voice of reason demands to be heard. Or at least that's what I've learned, having grown up white, male, and heterosexual. Oh wait. That's my theory! White people are seen as individuals who are responsible for their own actions and thus don't represent an entire group when they shoot up school or a church or a mosque or a Planned Parenthood. But dark skinned people are seen as representative of their entire race or religion and thus any crime perpetrated by one is an example of how all the rest will act. I guess that isn't much of a "my theory" as it is the generally accepted theory of how we view race in this country. Or at least a theory held by intelligent people who perceive reality and not people like my cousin Troy who find Super Bowl ads hilarious, thinks responding to facts by saying "Bullshit" is discussion, and likes pages like CarMax on Facebook because why?

I'm considering posting that on Facebook and then replying to it with "In before Troy can say 'Bullshit'." (The period belongs outside the quotes because Troy doesn't know about punctuation.)

The Review!
This comic book is hard to follow because it's two different stories published in an alternating schedule. All that really means is that I have to wait a month to read the next part of each story which, in yet another theory, should be fine since that's how people generally experience comic books. But knowing that I have a problem remembering stories from month to month, I began a blog to help me remember what happened the previous month. But now when I get a new issue of Wonder Woman, I reread my previous blog entry on Wonder Woman which discusses the story that I'm not about to read! I suppose I could reread the penultimate entry I've written but that's too much of a hassle. And by "too much of a hassle," I just mean anything that takes just a moment's extra thought and nearly no extra time at all.

What I'm trying to say is I forget what was happening in this story. But I also haven't read a Wonder Woman comic book for two months due to falling behind. So that's probably the main source of my inability to remember.

It turns out Wonder Woman, in her search for home, has fallen into a coma. Also a woman with a name-tag that reads Maru (probably Chris Carter's daughter) is killing government agents in her search for Wonder Woman. She's the woman with the scar on her face on the cover of this issue except somebody forgot to tell the cover artist, Liam Sharp (unless this is the variant cover and then it's Jenny Frison. Except I don't think it's Jenny Frison because I usually come in my pants when I see her art and that didn't happen when I looked at this cover), that the scar is supposed to look like a caduceus. That's probably a clue!

Wonder Woman quickly gets better. I don't mean all the way better. I just mean out of a coma better.

I think Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman have wound up on the island from Lost in their search for Themyscira. That must be why there's a Dharma logo on the cover for the Sprocket Station.

Did anybody ever do an I Ching reading of the Dharma logos? I should ask Lord Google about that. Here's a reading by NewSuez on losteastereggs, a blogspot blog:

"I chose these symbols for a reading on the internet and this is what it came up with...
The time is not yet right for you to act, so be patient: the transition from chaos to order is not yet complete. You are following the right path, but avoid disputes, and success will come to you in time.
Equal partnerships benefit. Act with humility to all people; restore balance between excess and dearth in order to be successful.
This is a good time for increased activity and prosperity, and maybe travel over water. Make the most of this time because it will pass. Be generous and do not seek unfair advantage over others.
Do not follow someone else's path. Be careful of dangerous situations: deceit and hidden objectives will be harmful, although honesty and honourable actions could be beneficial. Learn from these situations for the future.
There is good fortune, but this is not a time to relax. Be sure to consolidate what you have, or have gained. Act with caution and strive to maintain balance.
Everything is as it should be! Take opportunities as they arise, and act with conviction, but make sure you do not appear over-confident or 'immodest'.
Avoid excesses, and preserve what you have. You may need to accept a loss, but do so easily: greater benefit will replace the loss. Be restrained but flexible, and act with sincerity.
There is danger which must be acknowledged, and actions taken in quiet ways with the support of others. Greater prosperity will follow if you act fairly and with honour, and are cautious in your actions."

I would do an I Ching reading of the logo on the cover except I don't think it has entries for tentacles.

The theory that they're on the island from Lost isn't just a joke! The caduceus on Maru's face was one of the Dharma stations. In fact, all of the Dharma stations have some connection to Apollo. Which probably means something if I cared to spend any more time thinking about Lost than I already have in this lifetime.

That's what the captain of the Black Rock probably said! Oh! Steve Trevor keeps thinking about how they're trapped on a "rock" in the middle of the "Black" sea! Totally on the Lost island!

This island is also an island that can't be found and shouldn't be where it is. Coincidence? The island might also be a gateway to another place. This one to Themyscira, the island of Lost to Heaven (since it was, you know, Purgatory).

Maru (who is a Marina and not a Piper) lands on the island with her team, Poison. They rock the fucking faces off the hair band kids and then get their asses beat by jock Steve Trevor. He might kick the asses of Poison but not their leader, Marina Maru. She gets the drop on Wonder Woman and ends the battle because Steve Trevor hasn't seen the comic by Kerry Callen

Why the bracelets? Click through to find out!

Steve and Diana are rescued by some of Steve's or Etta's or Jack's or Locke's or Ben's friends. They leave the Island and escape although they'll probably have to come back later to finish finding Themyscira and Diana's past.

Diana is locked in a mental ward until she can metamorphose into Rebirth Wonder Woman. Right now, she's still really confused by all of that history between Crisis on Infinite Earths and now.

The Ranking!
-1! This was just a stupid love letter from Steve Trevor to Diana! Romance is stupid! And dumb! That might not be a fair assessment of this comic book but it's a completely biased assessment, which is all you'll ever get from me! I promise!

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