Sunday, June 10, 2012

Demon Knights #9

All you need to know about last issue: Merlin was stabbed.

While Merlin was shanked by a Daemonite at the end of last issue, I find it a bit hard to believe that he's been murdered. That fucker ain't dead. Look at him! You can tell he's faking. Fondling Etrigan's toes and trying not to giggle. And then there's that shadow of a hand going up Etrigan's chest. What is that? Some trick of Merlin's? Yeah, don't worry, Merlin Fans! He'll be okay.

Alba Sarum is ruled by lesbian princesses. The Princess is in another castle, Mario! But, you know, she isn't gonna fuck you or anything. She'll be grateful and shit but don't think this is a love story.

Princess Alba and Princess Sarum need help for their city. I'm not sure what the problem is but it just might be a Daemonite infestation seeing as how Merlin took a knife in the kidney last issue. But they know a little bit about these companions entering their city and the one thing they know about six of the seven is that they're untrustworthy. But the seventh companion gives them hope that things might just work out.

The Shining Knight identifies as male but nobody seems to respect that. Fucking 21st Century. I mean, fucking middle ages!

The Princesses invite the Knights to their court to discuss their reward and a possible other mission. They haul Merlin's corpse out of the back room and ask the companions to investigate the murder.

Why bring him back when Etrigan will just kill him again?

The theory is that Merlin's life force or soul or essence or any other mumbo jumbo you want to call it has flitted off to Avalon. Normally the trip to Avalon is one way, but Xanadu thinks she can bring them all back. She looks to Etrigan for the list of supplies they'll need to make the trip successful.

Oh the look on Xanadu's face! Yeah, she loves Etrigan and not Jason Blood.

The Companions soon set sail across the channel headed to Britain and the ruins of ancient Camelot. At least the ruins of the Camelot that Xanadu and Jason Blood once knew. From there, Xanadu believes she can find the way to Avalon.

While on the journey, The Shining Knight speaks with her Pegasus who has been extracting information from the Horsewoman's horse. The Pegasus issues a vague warning that the Horsewoman is not to be trusted. Jason Blood returns from Hell and is filled in on everything that has happened. And then Vandal Savage steers them into trouble.

Looks like Etrigan's trip back to Hell might be a short one. Poor Jason.

And since his trip to Hell might be short, Etrigan makes a lot out of it! He gains an audience with Lucifer (wow, haven't seen him in a long while!) and promises to get him Avalon, Merlin, and the souls of all of his companions. What a cheeky bastard!

Demon Knights #9 Rating: +1 Ranking. The story is jolly and cute and funny and very well drawn. It looks beautiful and is thoroughly enjoyable.

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