Saturday, June 30, 2012

Worlds' Finest #2

Is Hakkou committing The Angry Dragon on Power Girl?

Last issue, I assumed that Power Girl and The Huntress made it to Earth 1 via Mister Terrific's Quantum Tunnel Backwash. But he appeared on Earth 2 in Earth 2 #2 in a totally different Quantum Tunnel. My suspicion now is that Steppenwolf tried to escape using a Boom Tube as all of the Parademon Control Towers were crashing from Batman's virus. This caused the Boom Tube to malfunction and open up in Earth 1 instead of Apokolips. Perhaps he's the "deadly threat from Earth 2" mentioned on this cover. Or perhaps that's someone else. But five years later on Earth 2 and nobody has found Steppenwolf, it makes sense that he'd be on Earth 1. And Power Girl and The Huntress will be the only ones to hunt him down because he's probably masquerading as a powerful business person whom the law can't touch.

Back to the action, Hakkou beats the crap out of Power Girl. He must be pretty tough to go toe to toe against Power Girl and remain standing. But he's really super duper tough since Power Girl tries to punch him and is blasted by his radioactive whatever, knocking her out cold. The Huntress mostly stood back during the fight telling Power Girl what to do. That didn't work so she resorts to her only other option: her crossbow.

Well some one just did hurt your best friend. What you probably mean, technically, is nobody hurts your best friend and gets away with it.

The Huntress's crossbow bolt pierces the side of Hakkou's head. He goes rampaging off in pain, breaking through walls as if they were built in Gotham City. I don't know if the pain was caused by the bolt short-circuiting his armor or if the bolt pierced his brain or if the bolt was an electro-bolt. It could be any one of those. Whatever it was, it worked. And now Power Girl and The Huntress are going to have to figure out who sent this guy to destroy their way back to Earth 2. I bet it was Steppenwolf!

The only part of France that exists in the DCnU is the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower.

It's flashback time! Once Helena arrived on Earth 1, she immediately burned her Robin Suit. Finally a place where she doesn't have to exist as that embarrassment! No wonder she doesn't want to go back. Nobody wants to be Robin! But Kara's suit wouldn't burn. Also, a fabulous belt that they found amidst the ruins of the Bat Plane and other detritus that came through with them wouldn't burn. But they don't know who the belt belonged to or if anyone came through with them. I bet the Belt belonged to Catwoman and she left it in the Batplane Cockpit. Or, you know, maybe it's Steppenwolf's.

Power Girl and The Huntress follow Hakkou's trail of radiation across Japan intent on capturing him and finding out who he works for. While they're busy, some guy at the Gotham City Bank has noticed some odd withdrawals from a certain Bat-Account.

Do you think Used Car Salesman in Gotham City dress up like The Batman or The Joker for their crazy adverts?

Joker Salesman: "Our prices our insane!"
Bat Salesman: "I beat the bad guys and my competitor's prices."
Penguin Salesman: "I kill the competition!" And then he actually kills the competition on camera because he's really The Penguin taking over the Used Car Business Territory in Gotham.

Meanwhile, Power Girl and The Huntress find Hakkou at another reactor eating up fuel rods. Maybe this guy is just cleaning up the Fukushima mess? Or maybe he's not since he shows he knew what he destroyed in Karen's lab was a gateway. And his fighting style reminds Huntress of the Apokolips warriors. And he does kind of look like a Parademon. But no answers are divulged in this issue because Power Girl gets her ass kicked yet again. Probably because she tries to fight him the same way she did earlier and he just blasts her yet again with his super powerful radiation. Which, once again, leaves The Huntress standing alone against him.

If anyone can defeat a super power radioactive monster, it's Batman's daughter. Right?

Worlds' Finest #3 Rating: No change. Not a whole lot happened this month. Well, Power Girl lost two fights in a row. That's pretty embarrassing. That's probably why she was in Justice League International so many years ago. And someone is finally realizing that The Huntress is stealing Batman's money. I hope the bank reports it and Bruce Wayne ends up just shrugging his shoulders and telling the bank he authorized the withdrawals because Bruce should already know about the thefts. And all about the woman stealing the money. But he might not know that it's his daughter from another version of him's penis.

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