Thursday, June 14, 2012

Batwoman #9

I hope Batwoman has sex in this issue!

Last issue, Batwoman was busy fighting all of Falchion and Maro's Urban Legends. She'd defeated most of them but Falchion had the upper hand while the guy with the Hook was busy reattaching his hook to attack Batwoman from behind. But then Sune, the member of Medusa's team who went over to the DEO in exchange for immunity, burst in on the scene and shot Falchion with a bunch of arrows. I'm not sure how she burst into the scene since the fight was happening in an underwater sphere.

The first thing I notice about this comic is the art is different. It's similar to Amy Reeder who did the previous two comics but the title page is done much better. The new artist, Trevor McCarthy (who I only have listed as having worked on Blackhawks 2. His highlight was drawing Attila with the wrong broken arm!), isn't trying to emulate the original title page style established in the first storyline but he's making it artsy and gigantic in a somewhat similar manner. It works.

Those kids is all I care about too!

Falchion must be some sort of super human instead of just a guy with who stole Katana's schtick just with a different weapon because he continues to fight with an arrow through his neck and one in his gut. I hope there is a super villain named Spetum and Bec de Corbin. Yeah, I played a lot of Dungeons and Dragons! So what? I learned how to play in my Gifted and Talented Education class in elementary school, so it was a school approved activity.

Batwoman and Sune seem to have the upper hand until Sune drops some Blackout Bombs to cloak everything in darkness. Falchion gets away. Perhaps Sune isn't actually working for the DEO at all, hmm?

Meanwhile, one week ago, Kate (Batwoman!) Kane's father remains at the side of Bette (Flamebird) Kane. But not for long since security drags him out of the room when Bette flatlines. The doctor must have earned his medical degree from watching television hospital dramas because he immediately reaches for the paddles to resuscitate her. The treatment he should actually opt for "is an injection of vasopressin (epinephrine and atropine are also possibilities) and chest compressions." That quote was from wikipedia so take it with a grain of salt since someone added "Cardiak uses a flatline tag in all of his recent music productions." to the end of the article as well. I'm sure that helped a lot of people researching flatlines.

Two weeks ago, Maro brought forth La Llorona to kidnap children for Medusa.

The shortest line for the men's bathroom I've ever encountered was at every single Indigo Girl's concert I've ever been to. That's three of them, if you care.

Three nights ago, Maggie and Kate attended a party on Christopher Falchion's gigantic cruise ship. Hey! Wait a second! That guy's last name is Falchion! Could it be a clue?!

They also did this three days ago!

I hope Kate does end up going home with the masked musician from the bathroom. I don't really like that Maggie. Maybe I just don't trust cops.

The masked woman was not a musician but Sune helping Kate find a secret entrance into Falchion's underwater lair. They probably find it somewhere on the yacht since Batwoman is currently fighting Falchion in it!

Returning to the present and the big fight with Falchion, Sune is nearly gutted in the dark and in order to save her, Batwoman puts an explosive in Falchion's eye and blows off half of his face. Batwoman doesn't normally kill but she was trying to save Sune's life (besides, Falchion may not be dead). And Sune appreciates it.

Uh oh! Love triangle! Or future three way?

Batwoman #9 Rating: No change. This exploded storyline is starting to merge the threads quicker and quicker now. I don't mind story telling this way (and usually like it) but a lot of these glimpses into what has happened over the past few months are unnecessary. Some of the scenes are just a blatant re-telling of things that were told more subtly earlier in the story line. And while I find some of the threads unnecessary, the story is still being told well. So I'll call it even and leave Batwoman at the same place in the ranks.

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