Monday, June 27, 2016

Team Titans #1: Mirage

Mirage was a good kid brainwashed to be a bad kid who finally remembered she was a good kid. Along the way, she killed the boy she loved and learned a little thing about freedom from a bloody feather. I only threw up twice reading it.

In the main story, the Team Titans finally team up with the regular Titans while Lord Chaos helps Donna Troy give birth to himself. Along the way, they make a lot of faces utilizing the power of Kevin Maguire's long nights of practicing drawing sour looks.

At one point, Deathstroke mentions it's time to move on from his mourning the death of his other son. You know what that means! Slade can't be allowed to not have to deal with his children. Guess whose origin gets told in Total Chaos Part Four?!

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