Sunday, June 19, 2016

Calendar Man! (as seen in Batman Rebirth #1)

Alter Ego: Julian Day
Occupation: Ex-Stage Magician, now Professional Criminal
Marital Status: Divorced
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Gotham City
First Appearance: DETECTIVE COMICS #259
Height: 6'11" Weight: 193 lbs.
Eyes: Blue Hair: Brown

In the guise of Maharajah the Magician, Julian Day arrived in Gotham City for a five-day engagement, which was actually a front for the series of crimes he intended to commit as Calendar Man [Well, good thing a nobody who no one would have looked at twice decided to use a garish and probably racist disguise so that he could commit some crimes unnoticed. Smart!].

Basing his crimes on the five different seasons--winter, spring, summer, autumn, and the Indian monsoon (or rainy season) [I bet that's how Batman figured out who Calendar Man really was! He was all, "Wait! Five seasons! We don't have five seasons in America! But they do in India (although some places in India divide them up even more, according the Batwiki)! I wonder if there is anybody from India currently visiting Gotham City?!"]--the Calendar Man wore a different uniquely equipped uniform for each crime, publicly challenging The Batman (see The Batman) [Why do these idiots always taunt Batman?!] to catch him before he could finish his crime spree. Unfortunately for Day, the Caped Crusader was more than equal to the task [No shit! This guy's crime spree theme is calendars! He'd be better off selling calendars in the mall three months out of the year.].

Several years later, after escaping from prison [What was his escape plan? Marking 'Laundry Day' on the calendar so he knew when to hide in the hamper?], the Calendar Man returned to Gotham, this time basing his crimes upon the days of the week [And then that was it, right? He was out of tricks. I guess he could base his crimes on the names of the months too. But then he's out of gimmicks! Unless he got really tricky and used some device that enabled him to utilize the ten days lost when changing from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar!]. Once again, The Batman caught him, and Day is currently serving time in Gotham State Prison.

Possessing no true super-powers, the Calendar Man is apparently an accomplished inventor, developing special equipment as necessary to carry out his thematic crimes [Like One a Day Crime Tip calendars, and Inmates of Arkham monthly spreads?].

The Calendar Man is not a particularly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, preferring to rely on his advanced weaponry when facing an opponent.

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