Saturday, July 2, 2016

Doctor Fate #13

This cover makes this comic seem far more fascinating than it really is.

The Review or Whatever!
This issue was a major letdown after the ending of the last issue where Kent Nelson said to Khalid, "I believe you have something of mine." Because this issue begins with Nelson telling Khalid to keep the thing that was his which was Fate's helmet! How dare he betray me like that?! Khalid wants to be a real doctor, not a magic doctor! Let him go back to school! Take the helmet away from him! Have sex with his neighbor, Akila! Do all of the things Khalid is afraid to do and just let Khalid's Doctor Fate fade into obscurity! Chalk this up to a failed attempt to cash in on the popularity of Ms. Marvel! Remember, DC, the next time you take advantage of a trend, first understand what the trend is! Sure, Kamala is Muslim and so is Khalid! But Kamala is likeable! Also likable if you prefer the American English spelling which I don't! Khalid is barely tolerable!

At least Kent Nelson is still playing the role of Doctor Fate. It's just he's doing it without the helmet of Thoth. That doesn't matter to me because Kent still wears a replica helmet of Thoth and the look is all that matters. If he's still magic and he still looks like Doctor Fate and he's still mysterious and interesting and sexually adept at pleasing people's horny neighbors, he's still my Doctor Fate! Khalid can go suck a rock!

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