Sunday, July 10, 2016

Martian Manhunter #12

Little known Martian Manhunter fact: if he doesn't fist an asshole once per hour, he falls into a coma and dies.

The Review!
I should apologize for all the times I complained about how I bored I was by this title. Not that some of it wasn't boring and convoluted because it was! It's just that Rob Williams ends this series in however big sports games end when the people cheer like crazy and overturn cars and set fire to homeless people. Well, maybe it doesn't end that great! But I really fucking loved it! You can tell how much because I typed "fucking" and I never swear! Instead of discussing what I liked about the series and the way it wrapped up, I wrote a sonnet instead! It's Italian style! Suck it!

The Sonnet or Whatever!
Sonnet #MM12

They said I should not swim within the lake
But summer's storm, so slowly rolling on,
Still distant seemed. I would, of course, be gone
Before some lightning bolt threatened to make
Water steam and boil, or maybe take
My life. I dove down deep, as if to don
The entirety of the lake upon
Myself. Embraced, a dream yet wide awake.
Now once again, the winter come, they say,
In warning: "The ice is soft. Do not skate."
There were no cracks that could be seen. A sleigh
Had left some solid marks. It held its weight,
Why not mine? Below the ice, dark and gray,
Lay an embrace of a similar fate.

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