Saturday, July 23, 2016

Harley Quinn #28

Even if Harley survives the explosion, she's probably going to lose her left leg.

The Review or Whatever
Somebody was trolling everybody concerned about Melania Trump's "ghost" writer for her speech at the RNC. They created a fake Twitter account for this "Meredith McIver" who probably exists but is really just a scapegoat for whoever actually wrote the speech plagiarizing Michelle Obama (whoever actually wrote it had to have been some joker sabotaging Trump. I picture the person just sitting back and smiling a goofy grin as Melania read Michelle Obama's words as a room full of Republicans applauded). This person was vehemently defending obviously photoshopped pictures of her with Trump and it was truly hilarious how people kept arguing with this "Meredith" about the reality of such obviously fake pictures. This person even had a poorly faked picture of Meredith standing outside 10 Downing Street with Piers Morgan.

The obviously Photoshopped image.

Seeing that this photo was such an obvious Photoshop of this person, I had to dig up the original. And I was so satisfied when I did!

I hate that, due to Photoshop and camera tricks and the influence of our lizard leaders, people think Piers Morgan has a human face.

Previously in this comic book, some editor was all, "Wouldn't Deadpool and Harley Quinn be perfect for each other?!" And another editor went, "Mmmphbmmphlemmph!" And the first editor went, "What was that?!" And the second editor took their tongue out of the first editor's ass and was all, "High-Lair-E-Us!" So after cleaning up the carpet, one of them called Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti's house to tell them the good news about their next story. Amanda answered the phone and was all, "Mmmphbmmphlemmph?"

That was a terrible joke that makes no sense! The reality is that the person getting their ass eaten out would answer the phone. Also, I'd rather imagine Amanda's ass being eaten out then Jimmy's. I think I went wrong on that count too.

Not surprisingly, this comic book begins with a "Holee Wordarolee" exclamation and then Harley making up a funny name for Red Tool. Up next, Harley makes an innuendo about her beaver and farts.

Whenever Harley says a Holee Somethingolee, I just lose my shit! I don't mean I laugh hysterically! I mean I tear my fucking house apart.

It must be such a sweet job to get the Harley gig at DC Comics. You can put in minimal effort writing scripts because you know you've got a loyal fan base who will buy plenty of copies. As long as the script offers plenty of fan service with semi-nude shots of Harley and a heaping holee helping of near sexual encounters wit Poison Ivy, nobody is going to complain that the jokes are tired and the passion missing.

Semi-nude shot? Check!

The issue finishes up with another semi-nude shot while Deadpool gives a five page book report on Harley Quinn's history and her motivations. You know, to prove to the readers that Amanda and Jimmy know the character super well! It's a bit obnoxious for the writer to just lay out their take on the character but at least it's a better summary of Harley than Sean Ryan's take in Suicide Squad #22.

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