Friday, July 29, 2016

Team Titans #2

The 50-foot goddess has total Kevin Maguire face!

In this issue, we learn that Kevin Maguire has a pretty good range of facial contortions. My favorite is when Mirage looks salacious. He nails it! She makes that scene in the scene where she mentions she fucked Dick while pretending to be Starfire and then Pantha calls Nightwing a slut. It's totally hilarious because Nightwing is a guy and he just accidentally added another notch to his bedpost! Lucky!

I don't think anything else happens this issue except for the big reveal of Battalion at the end. Who is Battalion? Oh, he's just a guy with Lobo's hair and weird swearing, Wolverine's cigar and attitude, and the Punisher's love of weapons and death. He's obviously the next big hit character that readers will clamour for more of!

Except I don't think they ever did. I definitely never owned a Battalion action figure although I've owned an action figure of every one of those other characters I mentioned!

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