Saturday, July 2, 2016

Doctor Fate #12

Deez nuts!

The Review or Whatever!
All of Khalid's dreams (and mine!) are about to come true by the end of this issue as Kent Nelson arrives to take back the Helm of Fate! For twelve issues, Khalid has questioned his sanity and refused to be the hero Nabu was looking for. For twelve issues, he also refused to have sex with his neighbor, Akila. Constantly she was coming over and saying things like, "Khalid! Do you have time to plumb my gantry?" And Khalid would be all, "What? No? What are you talking about?" And she would be all, "Khalid! Could you come help me! My fertile crescent is flooding!" And Khalid would be all, "Maybe you're hallucinating. Leave me alone!" And she would be all, "Khalid! I have three fingers in and have started without you!" And Khalid would be all, "Do you have a concussion? What do I care about your fingers?" And she would be all, "Khalid! Put your cock inside my asshole!" And Khalid would be all, "I must be dreaming because I thought you just asked me to perform sodomy on you. Now stop calling me!"

You know what? Don't listen to anything in that last paragraph because I actually made this comic book sound way more interesting than it actually is. The reluctant hero bit can work but I think the hero has to realize that the things happening around them are really happening. The whole denial angle got old fast because how many times can you deny your sultry neighbor's sexual advances before the whole comic book just becomes totally unrealistic? Once only, I would think! Maybe Akila will have better luck getting Ken Nelson's pants off!

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