Monday, February 11, 2013

Wotan! (as seen in Earth 2 #9)

Part 15 of an at least 52 part series of Who’s Who entries of New 52 characters (but probably a whole lot more what with cancellations and all).

Alter Ego: None
Occupatoin: Sorcerer, Scientist, Would-be Conqueror [A sorcerer and a scientist? He's got all the angles covered!]
Marital Status: Presumed single [He just spends so much time with his work.]
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: MORE FUN COMICS #55
Height: 5'10 1/2" Weight: 151 lbs.
Eyes: Green Hair: Green

"Nothing is as yet known about the origin of the mysterious sorcerer who calls himself Wotan. Although he has named himself after the Teutonic god Wotan (who is better known as the Norse god Odin), the sorcerer Wotan has no known connection with the gods of Asgard. Moreover, Wotan is not a devil, although he has allowed people to believe that he is [It sounds like he's just trying to hitch his trailer to any powerful group he can think of.].

It is known, however, that Wotan had a physical incarnation previous to his current one. In this previous incarnation Wotan battled his greatest foe, the mystical Lord of Order known as Doctor Fate (see Doctor Fate), who was also then in a bodily incarnation previous to his current one, presumably that of Nabu the Wise.

Wotan has long sought to conquer the world. He utilizes both ancient methods of magic and advanced technology in pursuit of his goal.

Just after Kent Nelson first donned the helmet of Doctor Fate, he (as Fate) encountered Wotan in Egypt. Wotan had captured Inza Cramer, a young student from Columbia University. Doctor Fate defeated Wotan and Cramer became Doctor Fate's friend, and eventually, she and Nelson fell in love with each other.

Later, when Fate and Cramer were in America, Wotan unsuccessfully tried to kill them both. Doctor Fate again defeated Wotan, but Wotan escaped and attempted to get revenge on Doctor Fate by blowing up the Earth through scientific means [Holy shit! He was serious about that revenge!]. Doctor Fate again thwarted Wotan and placed him underground in a mystical trance [I bet that didn't last long!].

However, Wotan's spirit contacted another of Doctor Fate's foes, the scientist Ian Karkull, who freed Wotan from his trance. Wotan and Karkull constructed advanced weaponry with which to attack the nations of the world. But in trying to destroy Doctor Fate, Wotan instead destroyed his own Arctic base [Unless it was his Antarctic base].

Wotan and Karkull escaped, and Wotan subsequently aided Karkull in his attempt to assassinate numerous future United States presidents [Wotan was pretty serious about this conqueror business, wasn't he?]. The Golden Age Green Lantern (see Green Lantern I) sent Wotan into another dimension.

Wotan returned to Earth and on behalf of Adolf Hitler, launched a plan to destroy the British will to fight in World War II [I think he was successful in this mission.]. Actually, Wotan intended to conquer the British Isles himself, not for Hitler. This time Wotan was defeated by the Shining Knight (see Shining Knight [And the current run of Demon Knights!]).

In the late 1940s Wotan had been trapped in an other-dimensional limbo under unknown circumstances. He was freed and brought to 1941 by Per Degaton (see Per Degaton) to serve as his ally, but was later apparently returned to limbo in his proper time period [This sounds like a bunch of retcon bullshit!].

Wotan's subsequent fate is as yet unknown."

"Wotan is both a master of sorcery and a brilliant scientist and inventor. He can fly, travel between dimensions [except, apparently, when someone else sticks him in one.], and project powerful mystical bolts. He is a poor hand-to-hand combatant, who prefers to rely on his magical powers.

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