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Green Lantern #17

But the Third Army hasn't been stopped yet. Has it?

I just realized that this blog is work! Why didn't anybody tell me? It's the pace that's really starting to wear on me. What was DC Comics thinking publishing fifty-two titles a month?! They certainly didn't have my best interests at heart. I think I need to outsource about half of these commentaries. And since I'm not a huge fan of Green Lantern, perhaps I'll begin with this comic book! And since my comic book has two covers because it's a fucking mutant, I'll start over by scanning in the second cover and handing the reins to my new second-in-command, the old guy in the cowboy hat that just sits and spits on the corner! I think his name is Francis or Walther but everyone just calls him Cowboy Joe.

This hyar seems to be some kind of newfangled serialized picture book.

Let's see hyar. This hyar picture story begins ten billion years ago. That's an awful long time. Seems like that ain't hardly a number anybody'd know nothing about. Seems purty ridiculous by my reckoning. Some blue guy named Krona has taken it upon hisself to witness the keeration of the unyverse. Some other blue guy name of Ganthet starts wailing like some gigantic pussy all fancied up in ruffles and lavender gloves. But that steely eyed Krona ain't got time for no coward talk. He's agonna watch hisself the keeration of the unyverse and that's that.

I think that mealy mouthed fellow what gave me this book to read says he's gonna stick in some picture hyar or something. He told me to circle the pictures I'd want should go with my scribblin'. He said he'd say somethin' on those so the idjits what read his log won't feel like they's gettin' shortchanged fer want of his usual ramblings.

Krona is advanced enough to see the creation of the universe but not advanced enough to realize that the mere act of observation changes that which is observed? Shame on him!

That thar Krona fella, he witnesses what looks like an untolerable big orifice, gaping huge and spewing forth all the matter of the unyverse. And the hand pulling that orifice wide open's got this ring on its finger. And ain't nobody in tarnation outta have to witness nothin' like this. They's warnings 'bout lookin' at this kinda thing fer good reason. Once all these blue guys put eyes on that mighty hole, ever'thang blows up in their faces. All what's left after this hullabaloo is that blue guy Ganthet and some new space man with an ol' train-yard lantern.

This is Volthoom traveling through time before Flashpoint existed. Does that make sense? If Flashpoint exists across time, shouldn't it always exist? Since it makes no Goddamned sense, I think Flashpoint is just a big myth.

That was the end of all that nonsense. Ridiculous! Knowing what coulda been ten bajillion years in the past. Why's anybody gotta know that? What good is it gonna do, all said and done? "Whoopee! Look at me! My name is Krona and now I know how the unyverse were made!" Now how is that supposed ta put food on yer table? People sayin' they need meanin' ta it all. I got yer meaning to it all! It's just life! It's harsh and it's mean and occasionally ya git yer prick wet or yeah et a really good peach or sometimes yer horse nudges ya in the shoulder in just that playful way he does when yer gittin' so sick and tired of it all. And that nudge is sayin', "It's you and me, Francis. We's all we got and have ya got a carrot cause that'd jus' 'bout hit the spot right now." And that jus' 'bout makes ever'thing all right agin. And ya shoulder yer pack and you pull the boots on over yer blistered feet and ya git the fuck back on the trail. Cause what the fuck else is there? Ain't no God gonna help you git down the trail ta find yer next meal. You trust in god, yer gonna starve. Ain't no "big bang" gonna make life any happier than you alone can make the lot ya been thrown in on anyhow. Only thing I ever learned is more learnin' just makes more questions. And who the fuck has got the time for more of those?

Gettin' back to this hyar picture book, it seems that guy on the cover of this serialized pamphlet ended up in some space prison with some other guy name of Black Hand. I know in my day, you stick a fella with the nickname 'a Black and that usually meant that guy was a righteous asshole. Seems ta be the same case in space. This hyar Black Hand is takin' it on hisself to kill this Green Lantern if'n he don't help him escape. Always a guy with an attitude fucks it up fer ever'buddy else. If'n this guy wants ta escape his cell, wouldn't it be better ta have two fellas thinking up a means of egress? But guys nicknamed "Black" always seem to want to take out they anger on anyone in the room. They's the guys always gotta make sure ever'one in the saloon hears 'em enter and ever'one in the saloon usually takes a nice long hard stare at the bottom of their bottle while he takes a seat. Smart guys already got their epitaphs planned out and none of 'em want ta see it changed to "Bob glanced at the wrong guy. Too bad the bullet didn't do the same to Bob."

Some more of them blue guys but shorter and hairier are also holed up in a space prison cell adjacent to the Black Hand's cell. I think they was wardens got themselves switcheroo'd by the Black Hand or the other crazy blue skinned fellas.

Well that explains what happened to the Borg Lanterns! Volthoom wakes up and POOF! Out like a candle!

Some skeletal looking guy named Volthoom has them blue men trapped in a bubble. He's some kind of first Lantern and seemingly the most powerful being in all time and existence. He's the kinda man can call your mother a whore and ya can't do nothin' but agree with him. Them is some kind of men and thankfully ya don't meet those men much. Oh, ya can't walk ten feet without bumpin' inta tha kind what can't keep their mouths shut even when they aughtta. Them kind is a dime a dozen and the kind ya either punch in the jaw or pay no heed cuz ya know they jus' scared and full 'a bluster. But this other kind of man...well, ya don't fuck with that man. He has power of all sorts and he knows he has power and he Goddamned definitely knows you know. He's the kind of man that don't never get killed in conflicts or confrontations. Usually he get killed by some hot tempered kid what don't know the weight of the man's name and feels a slight that come on without warning. But that kinda kid don't last long enough usually to even meet a man full of real power anyway.

This hyar Volthoom Lantern guy is the space man from ten billion years ago, so he's acquainted with the blue guy named Ganthet. So they parlay for a bit about what coulda been had Ganthet not stuck a knife in Volthoom's back billions of years ago.

So Volthoom is powerful enough to warp reality. He doesn't even need to time travel! He just changes the past through people's memories! Or, you know, something.

Volthoom goes pokin' about in Ganthet's past and starts rearranging his furniture. Volthoom causes them blue men to not lose their emotions because that was one 'a their major fucked up decisions. But changin' tha past apparently changes the future or at least disrupts it. Cause Green Lantern Simon Baz changes to Green Lantern Abin Sur fer a bit while Black Hand changes from dead to alive. And alla that cause them blue men didn't stop learnin' ta love. But then they change back agin fer some reason. I ain't gonna pretend I unnerstand all this science majigger stuff. It jus' seems like somebody makin' stuff up and not carin' how the goldarned universe would really react. Seem ta me the Green Lantern aughtta have turned into his normal self and not a completely different person. But I get the point. Reality ain't quite up to snuff with Volthoom muckin' about in time.

Anyhow, Volthoom has been locked up fer too long and cain't make his change permanent. Good thing cause all this hyar serialized pamphlet needs is some character goin' about makin' all sorts of crazy changes to the way things was. Imagine if this hyar story suddenly had all of its history taken away or changed up on the reader! By golly! What a prank that would turn out to be!

Volthoom ain't quite got the power he had afore he were imprisoned, so he's gotta go drain some mistakes and regrets out of some characters what have emotion since these hyar blue men are logical like school marms. He wanders off to the seventeenth issue of some periodical called Green Lantern Corps while that other Green Lantern fella gets zapped inside the ring of that Black Lantern bully.


Green Lantern #17 Rating: I guess this hyars where I'm supposeta say how much I reckon I liked this periodical. It passed the time in a fair fashion. Seems I could justify givin' it a +1 Rankin', seein' as how I ain't too partial ta readin' but the pictures helped me along in a right enjoyable way. But I ain't got time to read the others in this stack that fuckin' dandy left hyar for me. I ain't got time to wallow in this kid's stuff. Life is for livin' with others, not sittin' in the dirt alone readin' made-up fantasy stories.

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