Sunday, July 1, 2012

Batwing #10

Yay! Pornography!

Batwing's hero really is Bruce Wayne and Batman. He begins this issue by setting up a date for midnight and then heads off as Batwing to stop a bunch of Somali Pirates from taking over a yacht. Does he thinks he's experienced enough for the "make a date and stop the bad guys quickly enough to get to the date" move? Nighwing still can't pull it off! What makes David think he can do it?

"Oh look! How boring! We're being hijacked again! Yawn!"

As you can see in the panel above, the Jackals have some kind of high tech wiring in their suits. Batwing probably isn't ready for that; he just thinks he's going to fight a bunch of normal pirates. Because drops in on the very next page declaring he's been searching for these guys for weeks.

Batwing defeats the Jackals but one gets away and heads back onto the pirate ship. Batwing follows and discovers an unknown man deep within the crew's chambers. But before Batwing can find out about him, the Pirates' unknown benefactor in Gotham blows up the ship. Batwing survives but I don't know about the unknown man.

With the help of Batman and Robin over Skype, they discover that the man supposedly killed in the blast was a Nuclear scientist. Batwing realizes he needs to do some serious research.

Ha ha! I knew he was too inexperienced to pull it off!

Meanwhile, the Governor of Nigeria's house is blown up during his granddaughter's birthday party.


The Wings (Batman and Nightwing) have headed to China to search the scientist's apartment. Everything is gone but Batwing manages to pull some data from the internet outlet. Outside, a bunch of Jackals have appeared to ambush them. Matu, speaking with them over their earpieces, sees a local news report about the Governor's mansion blowing up. He claims his family is dead! I guess they knew the grand daughter? Or something. I can never remember Matu's name. I'm not surprised I can't remember his connection to the Governor. Before Batwing can find out what Matu is talking about, a bunch of thugs with guns break through the front door and fly through the window. The lead thug walks in and immediately sheds his skin.

That's the saddest dragon I've ever seen. It has a wig and antlers!

And then it's revealed that the person the Jackals are doing business with in Gotham City is The Penguin. Wah wah!

Batwing #10 Rating: No change. This comic was either very, very average or I was not in the mood to read it. Also, Batwing was never actually Jacked by Jackals. Perhaps he was Ambushed by a Dragon. Or Blown Up by a Penguin. But those are very different things.

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